Blocko Sets New Record; Launches Hybrid Blockchain Platform Aergo Enterprise

Blocko, the South Korean startup blockchain enterprise founded in 2014 and backed by Samsung has launched its hybrid blockchain named Aergo Enterprise in the UAE. Besides this, it has also initiated a migration program for its clients by using its private blockchain product named Coinstack. Blockchain has been serving more than 9 million users since its inception, through its varied blockchain applications.

Blocko’s partnership with Aergo aims at developing hybrid private-public blockchain technology for serving both the private and public sectors in UAE. The launch of the Aergo enterprise unlocks the unprecedented levels of data silos and data integrity. As such, it focusses on providing higher levels of scalability, security, and performance. Its hybrid technology allows for the asset exchange, such as exchange of relevant information, supply chain registries, tokenized goods between blockchains.

Aergo Enterprise runs on the Aergo main network, which is an open and permission-free system launched for this enterprise (Aergo). Aergo Enterprise has been launched with some of the important features like simplified administration that are easy to integrate, easy dashboard monitoring, one-click provision for customized blockchains, simplified cloud system, asset monitoring features for independent blockchains, and node management systems to name a few.

The Aergo platform has been applied by Blocko’s clients on several occasions, as said by the company’s CEO, Phil Zamani. He said in support to his comments,

We launched Aergo in response to the growing need for data sharing between industries and companies in areas such as identity verification, document management and the Internet of Things – the same areas in which the Middle East, in particular, is seeking practical solutions.

However, this hybrid approach of Aergo Enterprise differs from the other existing private blockchain platforms like Corda, Hyperledger, and Coinstack. However, the prebuilt application of Aergo will be derived from the existing platforms of Coinstack because they are already being used by large companies.

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