Blockstack Partners With Lambda School To Help its Students Build Apps and Earn

Lambda School announced on August 13 that it had entered in a partnership with blockchain services provider and dapp building company Blockstack. The partnership will allow Lambda students and alumni to work with the company for building blockchain-based applications, and earn cash for it.

The move by Blockstack to partner with an innovative institute like Lambda was prompted by its motive to prepare for the highly anticipated Web3 development. The company is in the race to increase its footprint in the next generation of the internet, which would be decentralized, and highly rely on blockchain technology. Commenting on the partnership, Blockstack CEO, Muneeb Ali had said,

We are opening a pathway for students to have hands-on experience with the newest, cutting-edge technology, while also providing real-world feedback and flexible capital. This is the sort of program I wish was available to me when I was a young student, and I have no doubt the lessons learned here will help Lambda School students excel as they enter the innovative world of technology.

Ali further added that time and attention are scarce of developers in the industry, which would allow the Lambda students to cash is their programming skills, and earn more than what they would in a part-time job.

In its official blog on the partnership, Lambda stated that it will further the school’s mission to make a lucrative tech career accessible to its students and alumni. It also added that the new partnership will open up ways for its students to earn by building Blockstack apps while continuing their education. The participating students will earn cash via the company’s App Mining Program.

The program will help students to fund their education and stay at the school, while also help them save money for higher education as well. CEO and co-founder of Lambda School, Austen Allred said that the goal of the institution was to remove barriers and obstacles for as many students as possible to get on to high paying careers.

We design our curriculum based on the exact criteria hiring managers look for, ensuring graduates have mastered all of the practical skills they need to succeed.

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