Blockstack Releases Annual Public Benefit Report Describing 2019 Achievements

Taking pride in being a highly acclaimed open-source decentralized computing platform, Blockstack has released the Blockstack PBC annual public benefit report for its wide customer base to review its accomplishments. The report highlights the details about the working pedagogies followed by the firm to live by its core objectives concerning the public benefit over the past year.

In 2017, Blockstack converted itself into a Delaware public benefit corporation to infuse its chief mission of public benefit into the deepest sections of the company. The firm strives to bring to reality a user-owned internet where customers are exposed to the highest standards of privacy and are given a chance to enjoy full control over their digital holdings.

“The specific public benefit purpose of the Corporation is to enable an open, decentralized internet which will benefit all internet users by giving them more control over information and computation,” reads the certificate of incorporation created by the Board of Directors of Blockstack. The annual report published by the firm is a way to prove its dedicated attitude towards its ultimate goal. The Blockstack PBC is measured on the basis of the following standards:

  1. Design open-source tools for the decentralized networks- The firm provides the developers with an amazing suite of revolutionary tools that help to carve out solutions offering security and independence for the users.
  2. Enhance developer access and experience through knowledge-driven education- Blockstack community aims to make blockchain education accessible to all the developers. The seamless environment allows one to learn from other developers working on the network.
  3. Encourage collective participation of software developers, entrepreneurs, and customers- The system tries to spread awareness about the merits of the Blockstack ecosystem. This includes joining the team of developers, facilitating tools for the launch of the business, and handing over the control to the users.
  4. Encourage diversity- The firm aspires to expand its operations through strategic partnerships, collaborations, international expansions, and earn the support of various groups.
  5. Support transparent regulatory system- By following a regulated system in accordance with the legal framework, Blockstack promotes an ecosystem that is compliant, transparent, and easily accessible.

The 2019 Achievements

Blockstack added an array of achievements to its credit in the bygone year. These were:

  • The launch of Clarity smart contract language
  • Collaboration with Lambda School
  • Unveiling of Stacks Token Economics Whitepaper v2.0
  • Expansion of Blockstack applications by taking the mark to 300+
  • Surge of 30x in Blockstack brand awareness
  • Successful execution of the first-ever SEC-qualified Reg A token offering

In its official blog post, Blockstack has thanked its shareholders, developers, users, and customers for promoting the public benefit purpose. The platform is now anxiously looking forward to the next year to grow its business in heaps and bounds.

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