Blockstream CSO Samson Mow Thinks America Isn’t Doing Enough to Fight Coronavirus

The world is still trying to comprehend the actual dangers arising out of the deadly Coronavirus, which mushroomed in China in December last year. That has already reached over 65 countries, with more than a hundred thousand positive cases registered. While global powers are on their toes to find the cause and cure for COVD19, the virus’s official name, Blockstream Chief Security Officer, Samson Mow thinks that the United States isn’t doing enough to curb the virus.

In a tweet on early Friday morning, Mow stated that things weren’t looking great in America, though China is slowly returning back to normal.

Mow retweeted a video shared by Dr. Dena Grayson, a pandemics expert, she shows a representative of the Nurses Committee, narrating the story of a quarantined nurse, who works for the Kaiser facility in North California, how she wasn’t let to get tested for the virus, despite her showing symptoms of it. In the video, the representative read the statement given by the quarantined nurse that fell sick after catering to a patient who was tested positive for Coronavirus. She said,

“As a nurse I am very concerned that not enough is being done to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. I know because I am currently sick, in quarantine after caring for a patient who tested positive. I am waiting for the permission from the federal government to allow for my testing even after my physician and county health professional ordered the test. The National CDC would not initiate the test. They said they would not test me because if I were wearing the recommended protective equipment, then I wouldn’t have the Coronavirus. What kind of science based answer is that?”

Scott Cook

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