Blockstream – Leader of Innovation in the Blockchain Technology

Blockstream is recognized as a Blockchain development organization that had established itself as one of the leaders in the industry. Blockstream was set up by a group of outstanding Bitcoin developers and cryptographers; it provides a range of open-source projects and technology which are designed to drive the blockchain industry.

Blockstream 2019 Review

2019 came as a busy year for Blockstream with many product launches, feature-packed updates, and innovative contributions to Bitcoin and lightning protocols. Blockstream’s few of the projects for the year 2019 are given below.

  • Released in late 2018, the liquid network had been growing at a faster rate with several integrations going live, new members added, more than 16 million dollars tether issued and more than 600 L-BTC was pegged into the network.
  • In January, Blockstream announced its joint venture Crypto Garage Japan, in collaboration with Tokyo Tanshi and Japanese fintech industry heavyweights Digital garage.
  • In January, Blockstream opened Blockstream satellite service for developers and users with the aim that they can send their messages across the satellite network.
  • Further, Green Address rebooted as Blockstream Green, launched the re-structured and rebuilt Blockstream green wallet application in March 2019.
  • Last May, Blockstream launched the Liquid Asset registry, offering a directory for issuers to include asset identifiers for brand new assets on the Liquid sidechain.
  • In June, Green Added the liquid support and Blockstream Green becomes the first mobile Bitcoin wallet to add support for Bitcoin sidechain, the liquid network.
  • In July, Tether was launched on Liquid; began issuing its USDT Token on Liquid, which was an alternative to Ethereum and OMNI.
  • In September, the Liquid federation Board acknowledged the members from the Liquid federation meet in Tokyo to address the progress and to co-ordinate the setting up of a new liquid governance structure.

Blockstream Products

Blockstream is the market leader and leading provider for both open-source and commercialized Bitcoin technologies. They offer a wide range of products and services which makes the adoption of P2P and Bitcoin finance simpler and easier. Some of the Blockstream’s products are discussed below –

  • Liquid by Blockstream

Blockstream’s Liquid Network can be identified as a sidechain dependent settlement platform for exchanges and traders. Further, it enables private and quicker Bitcoin transactions among users along with the issuing of digital assets like securities and stable coins.

  • Blockstream Green

Blockstream Green can be described as a secure and simple Bitcoin wallet with liquid support. A user can send and receive Tether, Bitcoin and several other liquid assets which are all secured by Green exclusive two-factor multi-signature security and hardware wallet support. It is now available for android and iOS.

  • Blockstream satellite

Last year, Blockstream had taken Bitcoin into space. Moreover, the blockchain satellite network broadcasts Bitcoin blockchain across the globe 24×7 for free, by protecting against network interruptions and offering anyone around the globe the chance to use Bitcoin.

  • The cryptocurrency data feed

In association with Intercontinental Exchange, Blockstream’s cryptocurrency data feed offers industry-leading historical and real-time cryptocurrency exchange data. The feed supports the long list of fiat and cryptocurrency pairs; it is available to traders through ICE data services consolidated feed.

  • Lightning Network

In association with industry experts, Blockstream is the main contributor to the lightning network, which is an open network created on top of Bitcoin to allow cheap, private, and fast microtransactions.

  • Elements by Blockstream

Elements are designed as an open-source blockchain platform, offering developers the necessary tools to build their very own products and frameworks.

Wrap up

Starting from Enterprise-grade settlement frameworks, consumer wallets, and Bitcoin wallets Blockstream technology is driving the adoption of Bitcoin-based P2P finance. The key innovation of Blockstream lies in the sidechains which allow the introduction of new features to Bitcoin along with the issuance of the latest digital assets. Blockstream is led by a talented group of people who had created several open-source projects, for the benefit of developers and users.

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