Blowfish Studios to deliver PHANTOM GALAXIES

Blowfish Studios, an affiliate of Animoca Brands, declared that it will be delivering its robotic space opera, PHANTOM GALAXIES, on November 2, 2023. There will also be a free-to-play version of the game, which will be made accessible on its website, along with the Epic Games Store, and a non-Web3 model on Steam. 

The vast cosmos of PHANTOM GALAXIES serves as the backdrop for exciting mecha battles and an intriguing storyline in this online multiplayer science fiction action role-playing game. The game’s free-to-play format was created with the intention of bringing in more players.

The narrative is about an interstellar conflict that leads to the formation of a Ranger Squadron by the Union and the Commonwealth. These pilots have years of experience and are dedicated to protecting people and their homes. Players can join the Ranger Squadron as ensigns and pilot an evolving mechanical Starfighter to defend the galaxy against nefarious pirates and alien invaders.

The players engaged with PHANTOM GALAXIES will have the option of creating individualistic characters, personalizing their changing Starfighters, and taking part in violent fights in space as well as on the surface. They are capable of both offensive and defensive action, and can fight either individually or as a group.

PHANTOM GALAXIES comes with blockchain incorporation, which allows the players to become owners of their digital assets, like player cabins and hangars, to accommodate their Starfighters. They can also take ownership of planets and develop them with an array of structures, like marketplaces for trading products. This NFT incorporation links conventional gaming with Web3 gaming. 

Blowfish Studios, together with PHANTOM GALAXIES, is creating unparalleled gaming exposure and carrying out innovations in the Web3 arena. For this, it will be utilizing the know-how of Animoca Brands.

PHANTOM GALAXIES will allow the players to take part in wars, obtain fresh possibilities, select amongst four mecha levels, and journey amidst the stars. 

The vision of PHANTOM GALAXIES is to bring together conventional games and the arena of blockchain gaming. This is a triple-A title. It uses NFTs and its traditional governance and utility token, ASTRAFER, to incorporate blockchain technology. PHANTOM GALAXIES helps elevate the gamer’s exposure by creating avenues for players to become owners of game assets and in matters of governance. 

On the other hand, Blowfish Studios is responsible for the development of PHANTOM GALAXIES and is an affiliate of Animoca Brands. The two entities are combining their individual areas of expertise to introduce unique exposure to conventional players as well as the Web3 community.

Where Animoca Brands is concerned, it is a top company involved with Web3 and uses blockchain to provide digital property rights to customers globally. The company is into developing and publishing an array of products and original games like The Sandbox, PHANTOM GALAXIES, and many more.

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