Blue Kraken Online joins Chainlink BUILD Program

Blue Kraken Online has published an official blog post to share the development wherein it has joined the BUILD Program of Chainlink. The aim of the program is to accelerate the adoption of play and earn gaming. Blue Kraken Online, with this partnership, has gained access to the early launch of Oracle services by Chainlink.

Moreover, it will have access to technical support along with the entire community. Blue Kraken has, in return, committed to contributing to the ecosystem of Chainlink in the form of offering network gas fees. Many other benefits are expected to be distributed among service providers of Chainlink, including stakers.

Blue Kraken has expressed confidence in the announcement of spreading awareness about the brand and realizing the adoption of play-to-earn games that are economically sustainable. This confidence comes with a strong belief in the vibrant community of Chainlink and the enhanced technical support.

Some of the benefits that Blue Kraken Online has mentioned in the blog post are:

  • Access to alpha and beta release of Chainlink products, considering these will be pretty early in comparison to others.
  • Critical on-chain functions were undergoing automation by leveraging the potential of Chainlink Automation.
  • Verifiable randomness via Chainlink VRF

Economic incentives go on to align for both parties involved. Extending network gas fees adds on top of making a certain percentage of its native token supply available to the service providers of Chainlink. While the token supply may take time to reach service providers like stakers, Blue Kraken has expressed a strong possibility that it will happen in the future.

Nicolas Wind from Blue Kraken Online has welcomed Chainlink to its ecosystem, saying that they look forward to collaborating with the team. The Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Blue Kraken Online has also said that the integration will give them wings, considering the access is to industry-standard Oracle services.

That is simply not the end, with the access further being extended to testing, building, and planning for the new technology through early access. This will be complemented by technical support.

This is not the first development between Blue Kraken Online and Chainlink. As highlighted by Nicolas in his statement, Blue Kraken Online has already incorporated some of the features of Chainlink into their codes that are functioning on testnet. These were done before Blue Kraken Online, and Chainlink got in touch.

Nicolas has now appreciated Chainlink, saying that they were blown away with the manner in which the work was done and how systematically it was documented. We feel like getting superpowers, said Nicolas on officially announcing joining the BUILD Program by Chainlink.

Blue Kraken Online is backed by a start-up, Blue Kraken Dev GmbH. While the company was founded in 2022, it reportedly wrote the first line of codes in 2018. The mission is to embrace non-crypto players to accelerate the adoption of the industry across the globe.

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