Bluzelle 2.0 Scalable Solution Goes Live in Major Product Upgrade

Decentralized database provider, Bluzelle is releasing a set of new features and updates to fully support the creator economy and build a resilient system of file storage and sharing. Moving to Bluzelle 2.0 gives users increased control, quality and insight into their content universe.

While decentralized finance is flourishing, and NFTs are entering the mainstream, the brainchild of Pavel Bains and Neeraj Murarka has identified critical pieces preventing the ecosystem from being more resilient and future-proof. As such, their version 2.0 solves the issues surrounding the lack of widespread adoption of decentralized cloud storage solutions.

In a statement, Bluzelle said some of the new features include new brand design, rewards program, expanded functionality to embrace NFTs and deliver Defi for BLZ holders.

Further down the road, Bluzelle will deploy EVM contracts, thus benefiting from cross-chain integration and expanding beyond Ethereum to support Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Tomochain, Fantom.

While data storage is the foundation, Bluzelle 2.0 introduces advanced data feeds and oracles for the next phase of its evolution to help bring a faster and more secure distributed storage network. 

In essence, Bluzelle 2.0 builds a business on top of the creator economy and encourages the community to collaborate together under a new mechanism combining the best of both legacy and modern business models. 

Underneath, Bluzelle has unveiled a new logo design that focuses on each connection, highlighting the importance of the individual dots and reinforcing the idea of decentralized storage.

Another big development the upgrade will introduce is something called “Call of Data”, a kind of yield farming to drive initial user adoption and network activity. This effectively acts as an incentivized utility program to encourage holders of Bluzelle’s native token (BLZ) to upload data and claim rewards of up to $10,000 per week. 

Addressing vulnerabilities of blockchain storage infrastructure

In the meantime, Bluzelle has evolved to add a new decentralized storage service to preserve the digital content associated with non-fungible tokens. Through a partnership with Mintable, the new service allows users to save their NFTs and ensure that their one-of-a-kind collectibles are guaranteed to stay secure and available long-term.

Meanwhile, Bluzelle 2.0 also introduces scalable and secure decentralized data storage solutions for Defi products. This does not go against Bluzelle’s core focus since they already have a community that is holding, staking, or being an LP for BLZ on Uniswap. So it only makes sense to complete the loop and have the products they have built in-house or developed with partners to launch on a dedicated decentralized exchange (DEX).


Per Bluzelle’s announcement, the new Defi features are great for BLZ holders and other developers because:

  • Bluzelle offers 10,000 TPS
  • Integration of IBC from Cosmos, Bluzelle seamlessly connects to other chains
  • Top validators are not only interested in staking but also being LPs
  • Superior oracle solution built in

Founded in 2014 and based in Singapore, Bluzelle is a platform that sees users get paid to share the extra space on their computer that they don’t need. Using blockchain technology, the company is building a decentralized database that businesses can use to store their data without the risks of downtime and central points of failure.

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