BNB Greenfield Testnet “Congo” goes live

BNB Chain has taken to Twitter to share the highlights of the launch of Greenfield Testnet. Also referred to as Congo in the blog post, the testnet is powered by the native token $BNB with a set of features that can only be defined as innovative in the current times.

The inaugural version is v0.1.0. It has been brought out with the objective of shaping the future of data ownership. Critical, Greenfield testnet does take things a bit forward by empowering users to own their data. This goes a step beyond with users having the flexibility to choose who can access the data and what would be the access fees. The approach broadens the concept of data ownership, said BNB Chain in the tweet.

The mainnet launch is tentatively scheduled for the third quarter. Until then, developers, storage providers, and testnet validators get on the board through a transparent proposal and voting process.

It has to be noted that the rules in the testnet and the mainnet may differ based on how the testnet performs and what kind of feedback is received from the participants.

BSC decentralized applications can seamlessly integrate with the system. This comes to light considering that the native relayer of Greenfield is connected to BSC. This is expected to foster the growth of the ecosystem and data-related innovation.

BNB Greenfield aims to provide speed and affordability along with mass adoption in the community. The speed here relates to offering the fastest data service in the list of decentralized storage solutions. Greenfield makes way for mass adoption by matching the experience of Web2 cloud storage.

Meanwhile, developers can enter Zero2Hero Hackathon’s Greenfield track, where they have access to applying for grants to further construct the infrastructure of Greenfield. Zero2Hero Hackathon additionally gives a chance to earn a reward in the form of a Soulbound Token, also known as SBT. It is rolled out only after developers achieve a specific task.

Grants, on the other hand, are limited to projects that showcase innovation with the transformation of ideas into reality. Solutions have to yield results before developers can apply for grants. Greenfield is said to have three key components, namely data ownership, EVM compatibility, and high performance.

Data ownership comes as a self-explanatory point, with users having larger control over their data, deciding on its access and access fees. This is followed by EVM compatibility, which will be achieved by interaction with BSC. Once integrated, the Ethereum-compatible addresses will be able to create and manage data. EVM compatibility of Greenfield also comes in handy since it links data permissions and management logic into BSC.

Developers come across high performance with a closing similarity that the API primitives share with its version in the Web2 cloud storage. Moreover, its performance can be compared to the commercial cloud.

Participating as a testnet validator comes as an added advantage. Testnet validators are tasked with achieving consensus on cross-chain events and relaying the said packets to BNB Smart Chain & Greenfield.

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