BNB Swap announces Swapzone integrating FlokiFi Locker protocol

SwapZone, a popular crypto exchange aggregator, recently announced integrating the FlokiFi Locker Protocol. The news was shared by several renowned names, including BNB Swap, over Twitter.

The integration has allowed SwapZone to integrate a button that lets projects and users lock assets with FlokiFi Locker. These assets include LP tokens, NFTs, and fungible tokens. As for FlokiFi Locker, it acts as a cryptocurrency locker protocol that lets users lock tokens.

Besides the mentioned assets, these tokens also include ERC-1155 multi-tokens. Audited by Certik, the protocol is monitored by Certik Skynet to ensure its safety. Floki is renowned for being user-centric, being listed on every top crypto exchange list.

It has established partnerships with eight football brands and a leading F1 team. Such collaborations have exposed the platform to a global community of crypto enthusiasts. That is why, despite its release back in July, the platform has established a widespread user base.  

As for SwapZone, the cryptocurrency exchange aggregator is known for helping users trade 700+ assets. The platform will use the locker to track and reveal the liquidity provider security status of the tokens. Seeing how even Binance conducted a live AMA session with Floki, SwapZone’s integration with the locker seems natural. 

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Supported by Floki Inu, FlokiFi Locker can be used to track any token listed on the platform. The Georgia-based aggregator has asked users to follow its social media handles to keep track of the partnership.

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