BolaWrap: The Next Generation Non Lethal Weapon

A new weapon called BolaWrap has been created to aid the Law enforcement officers. Reportedly this weapon fires tether, which goes and wraps around the body of the target.

BolaWrap is a hand-held device which discharges a tether made of kevlar which wraps around and secures with barbs. The Kevlar tether can travel 640ft per second and can entangle subject at a range of 10 to 25 feet. It has also been equipped with a green laser for accuracy. The BolaWrap was designed with the mentally ill in mind. Reports say that one in every fatal police encounters involves someone with mental illness.

When talking about the BolaWrap, the Chief Strategy Officer of Wrap Technologies, Don De Lucca, who himself is a retired Police chief and has 30+ years of experience under his belt, said that there had been massive amounts of interest shown in this unique non-lethal weapon. He went out to point about the gap in our weaponry range where there is no weapon which pins a target down and does not induce any pain.

Don De Lucca who is also the past President of the International Association of Chiefs of Police said, “There has been tremendous interest in the BolaWrap because it’s the only device that restricts mobility without causing pain compliance when dealing with persons suffering from a mental health crisis or being noncompliant,” De Lucca went on to add ”The pressure on law enforcement executives to come to a solution is greater now more than ever in dealing with persons suffering from mental health crisis. The reality is that the gap in our tools has been identified, and BolaWrap is going to be the solution that makes a difference.”

BolaWrap device was developed by Wrap Technologies Company’s Chief Technology Officer, Elwood Norris. When talking about the response for the device the Chief Executive Officer of the Company, David Norris, said, “The interest and response to the BolaWrap 100 non-lethal solution from the international community have been extraordinary.” Adding to that, “We decided to invite selected prospective agents and distributors, many attending the 2019 SHOT Show, to a live demonstration of the product. Each also had the opportunity to deploy the BolaWrap 100 in person and meet our executive, sales and training staff.”

The BolaWrap is designed to assists law enforcement officers to effectively and safely control encounters. During a demonstration, many of the officers who attended were taught to aim and use the BolaWrap. The Ideal place for shooting the target is the chest and leg area. Chief Operating Officer of the Company, Mike Rothans said that “Attendees were very impressed with the performance of the BolaWrap 100 and reiterated to us the international need for a new solution to engage with an increasingly non-compliant public.”

There have been doubts about BolaWrap’s ability to work on fleeing suspects, but for now, all officials agreed on the fact that the device will increase safety for all during potentially violent encounters.

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