Bondly Releases a Syrup Pool on PancakeSwap

Pancake recently announced adding Bondly’s new Syrup Pool to its swap. Bondly, the well-known transparent, portable, and interoperable swap protocol aim to enhance the standard escrow methods empowering the coming NFT generation.

Bondly intends to complete the objective using games, music, anime, brands, and arts-based NFTs, bringing non-crypto users towards the sector. By collaborating with PancakeSwap, the protocol is making big strides towards its goal.

Offering “Boost” for Increased Rewards

As the name suggests, Boost increases the farm multiplier over a specific period. It is provided in exchange for extra tokens from boosted projects. The acquired tokens are placed into a new “Syrup Pool.”

In simple words, the BONDLY-BNB swap will receive a 1x multiplier instead of the standard 0.5x. The event will last for a week and will merely result in temporary dilution on other farms. Subsequently, users can also stake CAKE in the Syrup Pool to earn 200,000 dollars’ worth of tokens.

What is the Syrup Pool?

Syrup Pool is the liquidity pool where traders can earn BONDLY tokens by staking CAKE tokens. Here is a brief overview of the pool:

  • Total Tokens – 1,165,000 BONDLY
  • Distribution Period – 60 days
  • Start Block – 8,171,500 (10th June from 9 am UTC)
  • Finish Block – 9,899,500 (9th August from 9 am UTC)
  • Token Rewards for Every Block – 0.6741 BONDLY
  • Max Staking Per Wallet – 100 CAKE tokens (first 48 hours)

To ensure every token holder gets a fair chance, users can only stake 100 CAKE max in the first 48 hours. After that, there is no limit on the staking amount.

About Bondly

As mentioned already, Bondly aims to use entertainment mediums to enhance the next-gen NFTs. It is a transparent, portable, and interoperable swap protocol that can be used to attract new users. Here are some of its most popular products:

  • NFT LaunchPad: It allows NFT-based projects to raise liquidity and increase adoption.
  • BONDPROTECT: It is a smart contract-based NFT marketplace payment mechanism developed to secure and simplify the process of trading any goods or services.
  • NFTSwap: It is a trustless OTC trading process on BondSwap that allows users to trade NFTs with smart contracts.

How to Stake CAKE Tokens to Earn BONDLY?

Here is a simple process to earn BONDLY tokens by staking CAKE tokens:

  1. Go to the official Pancake Syrup pool website.
  2. Navigate to the BONDLY Syrup Pool.
  3. Select the Approve Cake option.
  4. Tap the Stake button.
  5. Now, verify the transaction.

Users are suggested to check the official BONDLY address before investing in it. Nonetheless, the integration will help both Pancake and Bondly to enhance their proceedings.


Pancake and Bondly join hands to launch Bondly’s Syrup Pool on PancakeSwap. It’ll allow users to stake CAKE tokens to earn BONDLY tokens. Both ventures and the community are expected to benefit from the collaboration.

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