BonFi is Now Available on PancakeSwap

BonFi has now been made available at the Blockchain of PancakeSwap. The BNF token used to be minted on the Ethereum network and has since then been compatible with the ERC-20 standard. According to Cake price prediction, the current market cap of the platform is $1,189,223,408,808. The launch of the BSC interoperability module at the platform of BonFi has enabled the swapping of BNF tokens at the exchange ratio of 1:1 between the Blockchain networks of BSC and ETH. The swapping of tokens provides the token holders with more versatility and flexibility required for engaging with BNF tokens at the BSC and ETH networks.

The platform of BonFi provides multi-layered, open finance, liquidity mining services to the users. Driven by the AI-powered BonVest, BonFi works on expanding DeFi products by combining the crypto liquidity pool and staking of smart contracts.

BonFi has finally announced that the BNF token is going to be accessible at PancakeSwap. The platform of PancakeSwap is currently looking forward to the launch of the premium liquidity staking pool of PancakeSwap at the Blockchain platform of BonFi. The liquidity staking pool enables the users to rake in double the rewards in exchange for providing liquidity to the BNF-BNB token pair of PancakeSwap. The platform also enables trading in SYRUP and CAKE tokens. The users deposit the Liquidity Provider tokens in the liquidity pool of PancakeSwap to receive CAKE tokens in the form of rewards. The users can then put their CAKE tokens at stake to receive SYRUP tokens from the platform.

The PancakeSwap platform allows users to conduct decentralized trading in tokens and cryptocurrencies by maintaining custody of tokenized assets with the owner. PancakeSwap is driven by the automated execution of smart contracts at the Binance Smart Chain.

Trevor Holman

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