BONK to go live on MEXC in Assessment Zone

MEXC announces the launch of trading for BONK, a project by Bonk Inu, by initially enabling the trading pair BONK/USDT. According to the timeline shared by the MEXC exchange platform, deposits are already active, and trading is scheduled to start on January 3, 2023, at 11:00 UTC. Withdrawals will open on the next day, which is January 4, 2023, at 11:00 UTC.

The initial listing will be done in the assessment zone. Traders are recommended to exercise diligence while trading as the token is subject to hidden risks of getting delisted amid high volatility.

Bonk is the first project of Solana that is entirely dedicated to people. 50% of the supply has been airdropped to the Solana community. What inspired the creators to come up with the token was the boring tokenomics of Almada and the need to come up with a fun memecoin.

MEXC is a 2018-founded platform for centralized cryptocurrency exchange. The platform now lists more than 370 cryptocurrencies and offers more than 750 trade pairings. Except for a few outliers, MEXC operations are supported in nearly every country. Its staff is composed of experts with diverse backgrounds, including finance and blockchain.

Switzerland, Canada, the United States, and Australia have issued licenses to MEXC, a platform with the capacity to handle digital currency deposits worth $500 million.

The crypto exchange platform employs two-factor authentication and code verification as security precautions. There is no known security vulnerability; however, users are urged to enable all available security measures using Google Authenticator or their mobile phones.

The user interface is intuitive for all users, regardless of how much time they have spent on the platform or in the market in general. The platform believes in providing excellent customer service. In addition to providing 24-hour customer assistance, MEXC ensures that the community is compensated. For example, 60% of the merchandise fees are delivered to token holders as an incentive, while the remaining fees are used to repurchase and burn tokens each month.

One factor that all the MEXC exchange reviews appreciate is allowing the community to vote on crucial functionalities. Developers are known to choose MEXC for listing because of the speed it offers in taking the token live.

The registration process for MEXC is pretty straightforward. Users can either download the application on their mobile devices and follow the instructions or access the official website to begin creating their profiles.

The BONK/USDT pair can be traded on the website once it becomes live. There will be an option to trade at the current price, which traders can avoid by specifying the price at which they intend to trade the pair.

BONK goes live for trading on January 3, 2023. Withdrawals will only be allowed the following day.

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