Book Of Meme, Milady Meme Coin, and PepeFork communities diving into Bitgert Coin – What’s the attraction?

The meme coin mania is back this bull season, driving hundreds of meme coins into investors’ pockets and pouring billions of dollars of inflows. Solana is riding high on the same momentum and is ready to touch another ATH as Bitcoin and Ethereum face correction. 

With so much happening in the market, finding tokens with good investment potential is always difficult. Memecoins are great for some quick bucks, but their momentum is never sustained. 

The meme coin communities of PepeFork, Milady Meme, and Book of Meme are booking profits from meme coins and channeling them into more sound investments such as Bitgert. 

Let’s first check out the current memecoin frenzy and test Bitgert’s strength against the same. 

Book Of Meme, Milady Meme Coin, and PepeFork – How are they performing? 

Book of Meme already has a market cap of over a billion, and as soon as it got listed on Binance, it saw its price jump by 436% in a mere 48 hours after the launch. The coin has already gifted the early investors with a 40x return on investment. 

Milady Meme Coin is another rising star that has created a lot of curiosity. The coin is already getting listed on prominent aggregators; the coin jumped 196% in the last 30 days and is currently undergoing correction. 

PepeFork hasn’t had its bull run yet. The coin had just 17.6% returns in the last 30 days and is one of the many versions of the popular Pepe token. 

Why are memecoin investors looking towards BItgert? 

Bitgert is a feature-heavy layer-1 blockchain offering 100K TPS at negligible fees. Bitgert has a vibrant ecosystem with a full-fledged zero-trading fee CEX, a P2P exchange, a payment gateway, and a Startup Studio to help projects raise funds. Bitgert collaborates with big names like Forward, Omniachain, ChainGPT, etc. 

Bitgert token has a fixed supply with a deflationary mechanism. Already, 36% of the Bitgert supply has been burned. As demand for Bitgert tokens rises, the Bitgert supply crunch will increase prices. 

Early investors got a 40,000% ROI on their Bitgert investment. Since Bitgert is a mid-cap token, there’s huge upside potential and factors that still need to be priced in. Experts suggest the Bitgert token will see a 2000% price surge in the coming months. 


Memecoin investors are smartly moving their gains from meme coins to better investment prospects like Bitgert, which has sustained price gains over a long period of time. 

The bull market will further push up prices of layer-1 tokens like Bitgert, which have strong fundamentals and potential for price performance in the coming months.  

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