Brad Garlinghouse calls Gary Gensler’s remark absurd

Brad Garlinghouse opined that the remarks of Gary Gensler will cause Joe Biden to lose the election. The American SEC chief has stated that all crypto executives have been subjected to legal and punitive actions. He also says that there is significant noncompliance in the global cryptocurrency field. The SEC chief points out that crypto executives faced legal action, including being jailed and extradited. Gary Gensler believes that the process of launching Ethereum spot exchange-traded funds is going smoothly.

The Securities and Exchange Commission chair refused to comment when asked about the merger of cryptocurrency and American politics. He was responding to questions from prominent personalities about Donald Trump’s leaning towards cryptocurrencies and criticism of the SEC. 

Gary Gensler provided an update on the much-awaited Ethereum spot exchange-traded funds, and he indicated that there is uncertainty associated with approval timing. The timing of approval is dependent on asset managers’ full disclosures. The market information indicates that the first funds will begin operations by next week.

The SEC chief reaffirmed that he will focus on maintaining a fair and efficient market regardless of the political situation. He believes that he must protect investors and ensure issuer access to the market. 

Gary Gensler clarified that he must regulate and not participate in election-related discussions, despite the political disclosure associated with crypto. Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, is a huge fan of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin mining, and accepting political donations in crypto. He firmly opposes current US President Joe Biden’s crusade to crush and paralyze cryptocurrency.

Lots of cryptocurrency enthusiasts believe that the 2024 American presidential election is a watershed moment. It is a fact that cryptocurrency will impact the US presidential election, yet it remains unclear whether this influence will be positive or negative. 

The outcome of the Presidential election will be somewhat influenced by the cryptocurrency community, which will be a potent force. The top management executives of prominent crypto firms are enthusiastic about rallying the industry in support of Donald Trump. It is important to note that Donald Trump has consistently advocated for digital currencies, including cryptocurrency. The consequences of the Biden Administration’s severe legal action against high-ranking crypto executives have yet to be observed. 


It is expected that legal action against significant cryptocurrency firms would push them to relocate their activities outside of the United States. Crypto voters will significantly influence the impending Presidential election, as the United States has 52 million digital currencies. A word has circulated throughout the country that a small part of the industry is buying political bosses in order to control the public agenda. According to industry veterans, the current trend is astounding, groundbreaking, and unprecedented. It is interesting to observe that cryptocurrency has become a major topic of conversation in the American presidential elections.

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