The Un-Cashed Payments On Brave Ads Have Got ‘Hot-Fixed’

Here is a big sigh of relief to those who were facing issues regarding the payments on the Brave Ads platform. Yesterday, Jimmy Secretan, the Vice President of Services & Operations at Brave made an announcement on the Reddit portal. In the announcement, Secretan said that rewards payouts are in the process of completion on 5th May. The company also revealed that the counter will go back to “ad views/ earnings.” This will start to take place from the coming cycle.

The company also addressed the issue where a few “un-cashed in” payment receipts are not showing up on the total count. Although, the reason which caused this issue was not revealed, and the company preferred to leave it to- “known issue.” The company further assured that the issue will be soon tackled and the “Hot-fix” will apply to all the channels within the coming seven days.


Further, the ads that were seen in the previous cycle, due to the unforeseen issue, will be paid for in the coming payment cycle. Secretan further added,

Also, because of the way payment receipts are cashed in with a delay, some ads seen in the last month will actually be paid on the next cycle. So if you opted in late last month (as in with the release channel ads), your first ads payment may not be executed until next month.

Roxanne Williams

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