Leading crypto exchange Binance announced on Thursday that Binance Widget is now available for all Brave desktop browser users. In the official tweet, it states that Brave users will now be able to trade and manage their crypto without leaving the browser.

The Binance widget has been integrated with Brave with the latest version 1.8 update, which also happens to be the first exchange-browser integration of this kind, Brave stated in its confirmation tweet.

In the official announcement on its website, Binance stated that the two platforms informed about the integration on March 24, and since then, the Binance Widget was being tested on Brave’s Nightly and Beta versions. In a joint statement shared by both the platforms, it was stated:

Binance is probably the largest crypto exchange on the planet and has shown tremendous progress even when the crypto industry was suffering a ‘recession.’ Even during the times of the COVID19 crisis, it has steadily progressed, expanding the platform and adding newer & flexible options for users. Brave Browser, on the other hand, is one of the best blockchain-based browsers available today. It gives rewards to users in exchange for their attention to the advertisement.

Integration of the most popular crypto exchange and the most used blockchain-based browser is extremely exciting news for the community and could be a tempting proposition for the security-conscious users.