Brave Browser to Let Users See Ads on its Beta Version to Earn BAT

Brave- the cryptocurrency powered browser announced recently that now, the users will be capable of earning BAT tokens while browsing the web.

Brave users have been accommodated to earn its Basic Attention Token (BAT) in return of seeing ads on the developer channel earlier, and now this feature has been added to the Beta version of the browser. As a result of this, users will no longer have to deal with the not very stable developer version and will be working with the Beta version where new features are frequently tested to facilitate earning.

However, as stated by Brave, the users who will be shown ads and rewarded for them will be the ones opting in for it. According to the reports, it has been found by the first phase of the ad rollout that consumers viewing the ads were also getting engaged with it.

On the social media of Reddit, a point was brought to attention by the people that- only users located in some countries like the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, France, and Canada will be able to view ads just like it is in the developer version of the browser. But apparently, the program will be available to users worldwide after it is released on Brave’s secure version.


Remarkably, an initial coin offering (ICO) has funded the Brave browser wherein the browser’s BAT tokens have been sold for investors. Brendan Eich, the former CEO of Mozilla launched this with features like an in-built adblocker and blocking of trackers by default.

Brave will apparently be giving the users 70% of the revenue who opt-in for viewing the ads and click the rewards users. According to Eich, this will help them earn up to $5 per month in BAT. Tokens earned by the users in this process by default will be dispersed to content creators. Even though certain allocations of particular amounts to particular publishers can change these parameters in some instances. Tokens can also be kept by the users in the meantime of waiting for a withdrawal option to appear.

An in-built tipping feature was added on the browser sometime last year, which let the users utilize their tokens to tip content creators and websites. There are plans for another feature which will permit the publishers to show ads on their own platforms. This system will reward them with 70% of the revenue generated by them with 15% being rewarded to the users while 15% will be kept for the firm itself.

It has been stated in reports that this ad feature is being anticipated to roll out beyond the company’s own browser in the near future.

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