Brave New World: NFT eBook newly launched by is bringing one of the most banned books of all time through the decentralized network of Algorand. Per the announcement made by Algorand Foundation, they have joined hands with the leading marketplace for non-fungible tokens to bring the digital copy of Brave New World.

It is said that a total of 10,000 copies will be distributed to the attendees of Consensus 2023 through a voucher. This, in turn, is believed to bring an enhancement to the ecosystem of the world’s famous Layer-1 blockchain. It can be redeemed to get your hands on the eCopy of the 1932 classic by Aldous Huxley.

Web3 is coming out as a technology with productive utility. Brave New World made its debut in the digital world, making it evident that decentralized distribution can work wonders by eliminating the middle forces. They have held the power to ban a book, or any other artistic material for that matter, at their discretion. Partnerships like and Algorand Foundation are working in the direction of handing over complete ownership to the holder of the NFT.

That aspect is crucial also because it differentiates the service of from other internet retailers.In sharp contrast, generic internet retailers of books only grant the license to purchase and view the digital version of the book. and Algorand Foundation are differentiating themselves by giving complete ownership to the holder of the eBook.

Brave New World will be on the decentralized channel, courtesy of Decentralized Encrypted Assets – DEA. The technology deployed does not involve centralized servers and allows only the owners to view the encrypted file of the eBook.

Ben Illian, the Co-Founder of, has highlighted the reasons why the venture chose Alogrand for the partnership. Ben says that Algorand Foundation was chosen for its lower transaction cost and near-zero carbon footprint. Two more factors that have played an important role in facilitating this partnership are scalability and being on the same page in terms of ethos.

Ben believes that books should be immutable, unchangeable, and live forever across the world.

The partnership will help achieve its mission by ensuring that there is no central authority involved to censor or ban the book. Staci Warden from Algorand Foundation has said that it is fitting for the Foundation to help in its endeavor because it aligns with the basic concept of Web3. 

It states that technology enables knowledge to come from anywhere, allowing everyone to access it with no restriction. The Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation has also expressed their excitement about the partnership while ensuring to offer a secure decentralized network. The Algorand future may be unpredictable amidst the rising volatility in the crypto market, but interesting partnerships like these could see more support from the community.

Vouchers for Brave New World NFT will be distributed to attendees of Consensus 2023 from April 26, 2023, to April 28, 2023. The event is live in Austin, Texas.

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