Brave’s Nightly Build Users Will be able to Withdraw BAT from Brave Rewards Wallet

Alex Wykoff, the product manager at blockchain-enabled internet browser- Brave Browser, announced Brave’s community that starting from 24th of this month, the users of Brave’s Nightly build will be able to withdraw BAT from Brave Rewards wallet. Brave’s Nightly build is the latest software release from the blockchain-enabled internet browser.

The process of withdrawing BAT-

This is a very important update that has the potential to invite more growth and attract more users to the platform. The users can start to withdraw BAT from Brave Rewards wallet after fulfilling the following two conditions-

  • Verifying their respective accounts, and
  • Secondly, after creating an account with Brave’s partner Uphold.

There is another feature made available to the users which allow the users to purchase more BAT. They can do so even beyond their earning capacity by opting into Brave Ads, the product manager said. The route to earning more BAT, sending the tokens to publishers, etc., by enabling Brave ads, is just as it was before. No changes have been made in it.

The latest updates that you should take notice of-

There are a few changes that you should consider while using the platform-

  • From now onwards, the user will be required to verify their accounts with Uphold, should they intend to add funds to their crypto wallet from any other outside source which may include options such as-
  1. Credit cards,
  2. Bank transfers,
  3. Crypto wallet to another crypto wallet transfers, and so on.
  • Another latest update is that the users of this platform will now be able to keep their earned BAT tokens forever. Forever here means that the BAT will not expire, neither it will get lost.

What is the need for verifying the Uphold account?

Brave is an open-source blockchain-enabled internet browser which is created by Brave Software, Inc. It is based on the Chromium web browser. Wykoff explained that Brave is not a bank in any way. But the partner of Brave- Uphold is a custodian of crypto wallets that are verified. Uphold, further, is like a junction between verified crypto wallets and various reputable banks. This set up offers a secure and reliant way to transfer, send, or receive funds through crypto-wallets.

Given Brave’s priority is keeping customer’s privacy intact and secure, the platform doesn’t intervene in the personal data of the users, and so it doesn’t save or process it. It simply passes on the sign-up details straight onto Uphold. All such sensitive information is taken care of and secured by Uphold. Wykoff thinks that it is a ‘critical step,’ which is mandatory to encourage the “flow from your browser wallet to an external account.”

The users who have already gone through the verification process with Uphold; for them, the process is even simpler. All they need to do is to log into Uphold to withdraw or transfer BAT tokens.

Feedback is welcome and is sought for-

Given it is a new update, there are bound to be some editing or correction required here and there as the problem arises. The product manager has requested the users to give this new update and try and seeks feedback from the users.

The company has announced that during the release, the platform will showcase a few items. This will be done to give the users a ‘timeline’ for the rectification process. The company also told that the issues will be corrected before releasing the full feature. The process of a full feature release includes- “nightly channel, to dev, to beta, and finally to the release channel,” as per Wykoff.

In the announcement, the product manager also gave a list of issues and their expected time of rectification. For instance-

  • User Privacy- Temporarily the user’s details such as wallet address, username on Uphold will stay visible to the people the user chooses to tip. This issue will be sorted before the general release, somewhere in early next month.
  • Stopgap on verified channels- The creator who has only one channel will be verified, as per the announcement. Although, this stopgap is just for the time being. The Brave platform is working with Uphold to find a solution for the creators who have more than one channel. This issue too will be fixed in early next month.
  • The Invisible direct tips- For the time being, any tips that are made directly to the creator will not be shown in the dashboard statement. If the creator wants to view these tips, he or she can do so on the Uphold site. This issue will be sorted somewhere in early next month.
  • Self tipping prohibited temporarily- Those users who are using the same user credentials for their crypto wallets as they are using as a creator, and if they wish to self tip with the help of user wallets, they will not be allowed to do so for the time being. The platform is also looking for solutions to fix this issue soon. As such, no tentative date has been given to resolve this issue.
  • Already claimed Ad Rewards- If the user has ad rewards that are already claimed, these rewards won’t get automatically deposited to their wallets for the first release. Further, in addition to the non-automatic deposit of the mentioned ad rewards, in the coming month, the calculations of the ads for nightly and developer channel users will also not get deposited automatically. This will come back to normal automatic deposit system from September, the platform assured.
  • Verification required for Creators for BAT tipping- The creators will need to get verified with Uphold to get tipped in BAT.
  • If Creators stay unverified- Such creators will be barred from participation in auto-contribute.

For those who are interested in trying this feature, all they need to do is to follow the Brave ‘download-nightly’ or from the ‘developer build’ link which has been provided in the post published by Brave forum.

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