Speaking at Crypto Expo Asia in Singapore, Ethan Ng, CEO of well-known crypto exchange Biki.com, on the plans of the firm for the future as a fourth-generation exchange. He further stated that the successful implementation of the initial phase of the roadmap had helped the exchange in climbing up in the global rankings on CoinMarketCap.

Biki has taken a giant leap in recent times. It offers to trade in about 150 cryptos with about 250 trading pairs in total. Biki was launched in August 2018, and with a total of 1.5 million registered users, it is one of the fastest-growing crypto exchange platforms.

Addressing the event in Singapore, Ethan Ng elaborated that BiKi.com is currently focusing on the “Journey to the west” policy and working hard to put its footsteps in western markets. Further, Ethan Ng is looking forward to the Malta AI and Blockchain Summit, which is going to be a massive industry gathering. BiKi team is on a global tour that started at Global Digital Assets Summit in Vancouver, followed by San Francisco Blockchain Week and now at Crypto Expo Asia in Singapore.

Not to forget that BiKi has achieved several global endeavors. Be it listings in different parts of the globe or making valuable partnerships, Biki has been at the forefront. The exchange has recently made a tie-up with German crypto research firm Blockfyre. Many similar partnerships have taken place in the past, as well. As per Biki’s policy of global expansion, an important part is collaborating with local partners all over the world, stated CEO. He further uttered that the local players are “eyes and ears” of BiKi in the local community.