BreederDAO Partners With Castle Crush to Break All Boundaries

BreederDAO partnered with Castle Crush following its launch on the Avalanche network, a step it took to expand its footprints in Web3.

Renz Chong, the Chief Executive Officer of BreederDAO, called this measure quintessential for building and providing value to the space of play-to-earn that continues to go through several phases of evolution.

Renz also expressed excitement to witness the exceptional talent of Wildlife’s team and how it will pivot into the blockchain space while maintaining its position at the top of the industry.

Joao Beraldo, the Web3 BD Lead of Wildlife Studios, commented on the partnership, saying they were super excited about the strategic partnership with BreederDAO, calling it a leading Web3 native organization.

Joao added that the partnership with BreederDAO would help them explore more possibilities for the gaming industry’s future.

Castle Crush is a Web2 strategy game requiring one player to destroy their opponent’s castle using a deck of powerful spells while the opponent attempts to break the castle of the player. The real-time strategy game is based on a battle that lasts between 1-3 minutes with the outcome where at least one player loses their castle.

The theme of being interesting continues to engage more than 200,000 players daily, and it has registered over 75 million downloads since its launch in 2016.

Integrating a blockchain layer onto the mobile game is planned to be seamless. Players can engage with the layer that will coexist with the existing player community. Castle Crush is free, and players can discover legendary monsters as they proceed with the game.

Castle Crush has been developed by Wildlife, a mobile gaming company that engages billions of players worldwide through a portfolio of more than 60 game titles that total 2 billion in global downloads.

Wildlife aims to provide more power to players by handing them over the game’s digital assets by adding a blockchain layer through the integration of non-fungible tokens and other Web3 features.

The team is already leading in the Web2 space, and this competitive edge is expected to transition into the new blockchain space much smoother. There is no expected hindrance while onboarding more players and the brand name speaks for itself.

$ACS, Ascension Crystals, is a currency in Castle Crush that plates can utilize to run the game’s economy. It can be earned by obtaining Ascension Points, also called AP, by participating in the in-game rewards and other similar activities.

The currency of Castle Crush has utilities including, but not limited to, allowing players to mint & upgrade their cards and participate in in-game events.

Castle Crush’s currency free-to-play model enables the community to build a value that only holds importance in the closed ecosystem. However, the team is now planning to open up the ecosystem to align the economic activities with their player base through rewards created in the game.

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