Bridge Champ will let players generate NFT badges and crypto rewards soon per the new roadmap

Bridge Champ, the blockchain-based global bridge platform, has unveiled its latest roadmap. The significant upcoming development is the ability to generate NFT badges and crypto rewards tied to in-game achievements.

The blockchain-based online bridge platform has built strong momentum in the past few months. As a result, global demand for online and competitive bridge play continues to accelerate, bringing many new players to Bridge Champ. 

Per the initial roadmap, one of the team’s objectives has always been to introduce online tournaments, NFT registration, token payments, and rewards. 

Bridge Champ’s new roadmap includes various crucial developments to deliver on that initial vision, including:-

  • Tournaments (player and bot registration, lobbies, management)
  • Streamlining the mobile and web experience of Bridge Champ
  • Gamification and crypto support, including the generation of NFT badges to collect crypto rewards for game achievements (Q1 23)
  • Accepting credit card payments (Q3 23)
  • Rankings based on player skill and sportsmanship (Q3 23)

Every developmental milestone on this roadmap will help Bridge Champ expand its presence and appeal. The addition of NFT badges will offer utility-driven fungible and non-fungible tokens. Moreover, Bridge Champ players can get acquainted with cryptocurrency through rewards issued by playing bridge. Reward issuance and NFT registration will occur on the Ardor blockchain using the IGNIS child chain token.

Bridge Champ is built on Ignis, the first child chain of Jelurida’s Ardor ecosystem. Its core technology combats cheating and secures all in-game information. 

We are excited to enter the play-to-earn arena with a solution for online bridge play; the bridge is arguably the most interesting card-based skill game ever invented. The combination of fun and exciting play with modern social elements and crypto integration creates an innovative solution never seen before, says Lior Yaffe, the bridge champ project lead and a co-founder of Jelurida.

Bridge Champ uses social features to create a global network of bridge players. In addition, the platform is suitable for bridge clubs and federations to explore the digital version of their favorite game. That includes support for guided play and pre-made hands for educational purposes.

About Jelurida

Founded in Switzerland in 2017, Jelurida is a software company that develops and maintains the Ardor and Nxt blockchains.

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