Brunch Pool Plans to Support Cardano(ADA); to Help Investors Gain Long-term Growth

Recently Brunch Pool announced that it plans for investors to join the similar stakeholders who want to help consolidate the Cardano (ADA) ecosystem by paying the foundation’s developmental support a percentage of staking rewards.

Brunch Pool aims to encourage innovation and help the community through its stakeholders in the Cardano ecosystem. We need constant innovation and an active community in order to survive in the Cardano ecosystem, and for that to happen, we need a long – term perspective for Cardano. This vision is from Brunch, and it is intended to make it happen

Brunch plans to ask stakeholders in its mining pool for higher fees, in particular for investors seeking long – term growth rather than short – term profit to drive sustainable and gradual development. Brunch believe that fees of up to 4% for other mining pools are only available for overhead and personal gain. Bruch wants to charge more, but it will reinvest the money active in the Cardano ecosystem rather than taking it for yourselves. The hope is that investments can have a positive effect on the ADA price.

The Brunch team announced,

“The majority of Brunch’s revenue from the pool fees will be reinvested straight back into the Cardano environment that has a positive impact on ADA prices from a long – term perspective.”

Because the more ADA holds within a node the higher probability of this result, staking pools are the probable result of the system, and there is a supplementary incentive to become a slow-motion leader. However, typical ponds like mining ponds rarely promote the ecosystem or development of a project.

The news comes with releases of Cardano version 1.5 of its mainnet, bringing the project closer to its later algorithm which “calls for proof – of – work protocols – working protocols such as Bitcoin’s safety guarantees.”

Scott Cook

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