BSV Price Analysis: Will The Price Of Bitcoin SV Drop Further?

Bitcoin SV(BSV) was launched with the intention of correcting the deficiencies in the original Bitcoin (BTC). Bitcoin SV allows users to transfer huge data, that was originally expected from the Bitcoin.

Bitcoin SV Price Chart:

BSV Price Chart

Current Statistics:

As on May 07, 2019 at 09:04:09 UTC, the market price of BSV is $53.64. Price is up by 1.29% from the last closing price. Currently, market cap is around $ 950,750,542 USD, 24 h volume is at $ 96,943,260 USD and ROI is a negative 39.40%. It is currently ranked number fourteen in the crypto-currencies market. The 52 Week High/Low is $243.79 and $36.87. As on April 07, 2019 at 09:09:10 UTC, the price was $84.95. The price has decreased to the extent of 36.86% over the past month. Bitcoin SV has been in the news lately for negative reasons. It has been delisted from Binance, the price has moved downwards but if the developers go ahead with their goals as promised, then there is a chance for the coin to succeed in the long term.

Analyst’s 2019 Prediction for BSV:

Bitcoin SV is closely linked with the trends of Bitcoin (BTC). Still, over a period of time, investors’ interests have shifted from Bitcoin to Bitcoin SV. As a result, an upsurge in price is expected in this coin. Also, being a new player will attract a lot of attention. According to the BSV team, their aim is to make the coin the backbone of the global financial world. This will create the potential for large institutional investors to buy into the network.

Analysts predict that the coin will touch the 50 USD mark this year end. A look at the recent market events has put investor interests on hold. If BSV developers promise to deliver then the situation should be better in the future. Risk-averse investors are likely to classify this coin as a high-risk investment. However, analysts are optimistic about the price of BSV moving upwards in the long term. They tend to predict substantial improvement in the long term. The price is expected to be lower in the short term and value might decline also during this period. But long term Investors can consider the coin as a high potential investment. Know more about Bitcoin SV price prediction to know the long-term benefits of holding the coin.

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