BTC, MATIC, BNB, and BLUNT: 4 Gladiators in the Crypto Arena

Cryptocurrencies have been gathering momentum recently. They are investment opportunity that isn’t controlled by a conventional financial institution or central authority. The cryptocurrency markets are looking up. 

Irrespective of the uncertainty, some cryptocurrencies have continued to stay competitive in the face of a bear market due to multiple exciting projects being introduced. There are a few cryptocurrencies that are establishing themselves as gladiators of the cryptocurrency industry. Let’s take a quick look at them. 

  • BTC 

Bitcoin went through great ups and downs in 2021. As the harbinger of the cryptocurrency age, BTC is still the coin people usually refer to when discussing digital currency. Although the crypto corrected sharply from its maximum price of $68789, it is up by almost 60% year-to-date. 

As inflation soars, BTC’s performance shows that investors might take it as a better hedge against inflation than other investment options. In 2021, the crypto market capitalization increased to almost $3 trillion. However, the cryptocurrency’s dominance dropped from around 70% at the beginning of the year to 40%. So, you can see that altcoins have outperformed BTC by a big margin. 


Polygon has been upscaling. The bulls attempted to force the price above the all-time high but failed. It shows that bears are protecting the overhead resistance vehemently. 

The increasing moving averages and the RSI close to the overbought zone show that the ride to least resistance is upscaling. It keeps showing bullish trends, holding almost above 50 EMA after it broke out of a descending triangle since the goal is to break and close over $0.91. 

Based on the fundamental and technical analysis, analysts and traders have been favorable toward Polygon after they forecasted a positive outlook on it. 

The number of crypto-projects on MATIC, including DeFi protocols, is increasing. This is causing investors to adopt the blockchain network. Its long-term outlook remains positive due to the number of sites that offer liquid staking for MATIC tokens. Also, it provides staking rewards for its holders. So, or the long term, the cryptocurrency will be rewarded with incentives. 

  • BNB

Binance Coin is considered to be the most successful cryptocurrency. It is worth watching due to its price action. BNB is the native token of the Binance ecosystem. The token provides Binance holders a discount on the trading fees when they trade it on the exchange. The exchange has over 30 million users. 

As the BNB Chain attracts more DApps and developers, its ecosystem is only going to grow. This will lead to further BNB price surges. 

In the last few months, BNB has taken a significant beating, which is the case for almost for the entire cryptocurrency market. Presently, the coin is below its recent all-time high and has shown significant signs of resilience since it has maintained a support level of over $300.  It clearly indicates that crypto is one of the best value currencies to get your hands on. 


Soon, BLUNT might become the fastest-growing crypto. It is an incredible project with the goal of applying blockchain technology to the rapidly developing marijuana sector. So, it is redefining blockchain projects with an intense drive to change and readjust the trends of the cannabis industry.


BudBlockz will give a unique opportunity for the vendors and consumers of medical marijuana products in a safe, legal, and inclusive environment. The creation of a multi-billion-dollar marijuana industry will benefit the consumers and the suppliers, too. The decentralized NFT marketplace promotes complete transparency. 

More than 35% of its tokens have already been sold owing to the fact that it is the first decentralized e-commerce platform for cannabis enthusiasts to access the global cannabis market safely and securely. But it has a fixed supply of 420,000,000, which is much lower than many other tokens in the market. The low supply of BLUNT implies that its value will only rise in time to come. 

Every blockchain investor is looking to diversify their portfolio due to the competitive ecosystem. Early investors can generate great profits from the price rise. BLUNT will have many real-life use cases as it will be supported by the cannabis industry. 

Bottom Line

All four crypto tokens look promising, but BLUNT stands out from the other three. BLUNT is still in its growing phase. It will scale with the growing marijuana industry as it is being legalized by more and more countries. 

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