BTCC Unveils New Logo in Celebration of 11th Anniversary, Strengthening its Commitment to Reliable Crypto Trading

BTCC is celebrating its 11th anniversary in June this year with an update to its logo to bring a fresh look to the market. 9 June 2022 marks the 11th anniversary for BTCC, a crypto platform best known for its future contracts. To celebrate its success in the industry for over a decade, BTCC has recently unveiled its new brand identity with a revamp of its logo.

In 2011 when Bitcoin, the first-ever cryptocurrency, was first launched into the market, BTCC was also established in the same year. In a little over a decade, BTCC has grown and stayed strong, just like Bitcoin through the ups and downs of many market cycles.

A Simplistic Design With a Powerful Message Behind

BTCC has streamlined its logo for a simplistic look that reflects a modern feel in the crypto industry. Going from a combination of solid red, blue, green, and black, BTCC restyles its logo to a professional navy blue to showcase its reputation as a reliable crypto exchange since 2011. In addition, the italic typeface of the exchange’s name BTCC is removed for a cleaner look.


BTCC also seamlessly incorporates its core values into its logo—each of the corners represents one of its four major core values: Focus, Growth, Fairness, and Experience. The ‘X’ that connects the four corners embodies the idea of ‘Exchange’, suggesting that users worldwide can trade cryptocurrencies through the responsible trading services provided at BTCC.

Here are the meanings behind BTCC’s core values:-

FOCUS – We focus on perfecting every step of crypto trading. 

FAIRNESS – We provide fair and equal trading services for every crypto lover worldwide.

GROWTH – We have a growth mindset and a love for improvement.

EXPERIENCE – We constantly optimize our products and services to deliver a more reliable crypto trading experience.


BTCC’s Journey and Its Mission

Being one of the few exchanges that joined the crypto world initially, BTCC was named after the largest coin and the crypto industry—its name BTCC stands for ‘BTC & Crypto’. The implication is that the launch of Bitcoin (BTC) marks the dawn of the crypto era, and BTCC has been here in the industry, well-established and reliable to its users, since the inception of the market.

BTCC’s tagline ‘Exchange for a better future’ illustrates its commitment to creating a fair, reliable trading environment for users worldwide and its vision of making crypto trading reliable and accessible to everyone. Extending from this vision, BTCC aims to provide a trading platform that is fair and reliable in every sense. From developing responsible crypto products to creating user-friendly app interfaces, BTCC strives to uplift the industry’s standard for quality trading.

The exchange will be rolling out a series of campaigns and promotions to celebrate its 11th anniversary in the industry. For the latest news and updates on BTCC, please follow their social media channels:-




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