BTCMTX looks like a must-buy during this crypto bull run, presale nearing $2.5M

We’ve all been wondering which tokens to buy during the bull run, and it has become clear that we must select a few tokens that could be the best bargains as this lucrative period just kicks off.

At the top of that list is Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX), a project that has been performing quite well—in fact, it has been making some headway with its presale. This Bitcoin-focused cloud mining project has already received nearly $2.5 million.

Investors are excited to see what they can do with the offerings of the Bitcoin Minetrix platform, and it’s quite something – or at least a good number of investors seem to think so. We give you the details so that you can consider it as well.

The reasons why Bitcoin Minetrix is so popular

This significant interest in the Bitcoin Minetrix project and its BTCMTX token results from multiple important causes. Investors are mainly excited about Bitcoin Minetrix because it is a tokenized cloud mining platform—a simple yet incredibly effective idea. In the past, entry barriers for the typical person into traditional Bitcoin mining were quite high. 

But now, anyone interested in mining the biggest cryptocurrency in the world can access this platform and its corresponding token. This increased accessibility is made possible by it, in addition to allowing investors to stake Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX) and earn credits for mining Bitcoin. Furthermore, this strategy successfully answers worries regarding shady cloud mining activities and the fraud rate.

Bitcoin Minetrix Solution

Additionally, the project has upheld its reputation for dependability, which is demonstrated by its steadfast dedication to security and openness. All users need to purchase and hold BTCMTX tokens within the ecosystem is an Ethereum-compatible wallet, like MetaMask.

The project offers the benefits of inexpensive startup costs, a safe, user-friendly design, and an incredibly simple onboarding procedure. The processes include purchasing the tokens, choosing the buy-and-stake option, and getting paid in Bitcoin.

The team has thoughtfully planned the project’s future by outlining an initial roadmap. After the presale, they aim to get exchange listings and conduct a multi-media marketing campaign. They will also be developing a mobile app and a desktop application simultaneously, which will need to grow the crew. Discussions with large cloud mining companies are also on the agenda, which will spur growth considerably. Concurrently, this phase’s main focus will be crafting the stake-to-mine contract.

Then, the following phase will focus on launching desktop and mobile dashboards for stake-to-mine, along with the first Bitcoin withdrawals to wallets. Plans call for adding the capability to convert mining credits into hash power now. In the future, the team will prioritize marketing campaigns in addition to possible growth in cloud mining rentals and other tactical projects.

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BTCMTX nears $2.5M in funds raised

During its presale, Bitcoin Minetrix is emerging as somewhat of a juggernaut. With more than $2.4 million already raised, the project is quickly approaching its $3.1 million goal. With three days remaining, the $0.112 token worth of BTCMTX is expected to climb in value. Tokens for BTCMTX can be obtained by credit card transactions, ETH, USDT, or BNB.

There are a lot of other appealing aspects of the presale as well, presumably contributing significantly to the rush of investors to get involved in this cloud-mining Bitcoin enterprise. The $30,000 mine drop prize pool up for grabs in a gleam competition is one of the main justifications for this. Those who participate can win one of ten prizes worth a total of $10,000. This competition has multiple goals, one of which is to interact with the X project (formerly known as Twitter).

All of this is impressive, but why is such a large sum of money being invested in this project? What’s generating so much interest in the Bitcoin mining industry is the creative solution that Bitcoin Minetrix offers.


Bitcoin Minetrix is shaping up to be one of the most exciting projects to hit the market recently. What’s particularly important is that it offers something of tangible value and can even bring in those who are not already in the crypto market. This crypto bull run is shaping up to be exciting, so we recommend looking at the BTCMTX presale as soon as possible. Don’t forget to check out the social channels as well.

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