BTFS Completes Mainnet Launch Leading Steps to Become World’s Largest Decentralized Network

BitTorrent File System or BTFS, the reputed peer-to-peer file sharing platform has come closer to becoming the world’s largest decentralized network by the launch of its mainnet. This step of BTFS is a breakthrough for the platform as well as is a crucial step towards the integration of the BitTorrent ecosystem.

During the roll-out, more than 3000 new BTFS nodes were added to BT Client making BTFS become the strongest competitor in the race of becoming the first scalable decentralized storage system. TRON Foundation acquired the BitTorrent platform last year. The BTFS is a protocol and network pedagogy that fosters peer-to-peer storage and sharing of digital data in a decentralized file solution.

Post the mainnet launch, BTFS protocol induces two new advanced features for the users. The first service renders users to remove files and directories on their local nodes simply through a command line. The second facility allows BTFS users to import the 12-word BIP39 seed phrase- the TRON Private Key. This feature lubricates the process of the generation of a seed phrase and initialization of BTFS nodes conveniently and securely. After doing this, the users can upload, transfer, and download the files easily.

Recognizable Advantages of BTFS:

  • Authenticated: As BTFS operates on a decentralized service provider for controlling the server, it restrains any changes in the stored data or files, originating from local interruptions or denial-of-service threats.
  • Economical: Storing of files on BTFS is significantly cheaper when compared to other platforms like EOS. This in return reduces the storage and maintenance costs.
  • Higher Decentralization: With greater decentralization, BTFS offers more convenient storage services for the user files.
  • Better Incentive Mechanism: With the involvement of the token economy, BTFS will give incentives to users on sharing more storage space and retrieval of more files. This will guarantee greater value exchanges of stored files on the platform.

The BTFS Roadmap Outlines:

The BTFS collaboration with BitTorrent will allow the DApp developers to enjoy quick access to data fostering more scalable solutions. The official announcement clarified that:

The official launch of BTFS mainnet signals that BTFS has delivered on its plan for Q3 2019 and is on track to further integrate with BitTorrent, that a truly decentralized storage system available to DApp developers has been implemented, and that a truly scalable, content-trackable and permanent distributed network is right on the horizon.

In Q3 2019, the mainnet will be open for public access and power on all TRON DApps that require a decentralized storage network. Also, preliminary tools will be made available along with an array of popular DApps becoming operable.

Later in 2019, the BTT token is being planned to be clubbed with the BTFS network as a lucrative step to foster a healthy, fair, and efficient file sharing and storing space. The integration process is likely to be completed in 2020. BTFS will also be partnered with BitTorrent to serve more than 100 million users through its network services.

While being a host on the BTFS platform, users can earn BTT rewards while ensuring the security of data. The users can employ the wallet in BitTorrent client to use and earn BTT.

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