BullPerks Announces an Upcoming VC Deal with DeFihorse

The DeFiHorse project is aiming to transform into the ultimate name and the key player in the DeFi industry owing to its addicting gameplay, futuristics aesthetics as well as getting it affiliated with NFT horse racing games, among which all are promising as well as popular trends these days. Taking into consideration various opportunities in future, BullPerks is excited to make an announcement about its upcoming VC deal by collaborating with DeFiHorse.

What Is DeFiHorse

DeFiHorse is a blend of two different growing market trends, which include video games as well as NFT. DeFiHorse is basically a blockchain oriented horse racing simulator where the users can easily earn DFH, the utility token of the platform, by fighting for their horse and working for the ecosystem of the game. The aim of this particular project is creating an ecosystem where users will be able to share, play, trade and breed horses without even depending on any centralized authority, interact with the game as well as monetize it on the Bitcoin Smart Chain system. However, the creators of DeFiHorse see this project more than a simple game. This means it is such a race that you cannot find in any other place. The creators who are behind this game have worked hard to make sure that the players can play the game safely, own copyright and even earn valuable NFTs. 

DeFiHorse’s Properties


DeFiHorse comprises a unique blend of different advanced features by developing a Horseverse, and here, anything is possible. The players are efficient enough to have a race track and can invite their acquaintances to join the game. They can even get bonuses on the platform by using which they can purchase hippodromes and horses. The systems can conduct online game streams which look fascinating and thrilling.

Digital Ecosystem

With the help of an advanced growth in the crypto industry, the Play and Earn game is gaining popularity. The platform allows the players to earn money in different ways: horse racing, horse breeding, NFT trading as well as betting. All the activities in DeFiHorse are thrilling and diverse, which are excellent ways to generate revenue.

Cyberpunk Style

When the players get involved into the DeFiHorse, they start get engaged with the game. The creators of this game have integrated all the advanced technology along with the ancient mythology. The best part is they have integrated high-quality graphics, which look enticing.

Why Do You Need To Invest In DeFiHorse

The gaming niche is making significant growth and will come up with new technologies in the upcoming years. Even the horse racing market has already started to attract million of users  and has earned huge amount of money. As a result, any users who love playing horse racing even in real life can experience fun in the virtual world.

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