BullPerks & MultiversX partner for multiverse startup fundraising

  • The project aims to identify pioneering projects with robust blockchain architecture and help them with funding opportunities.
  • BullPerks is introducing MultiversX to its large user base, enabling multichain enthusiasts to learn more about and get involved in the ecosystem.

According to Footprint Analytics, the average number of active users on Web3 increased by 54.67% in January compared to the 2023 annual average. This trend began in November 2023 and demonstrates how much the Web3 industry has grown. 

As the Web3 industry grows, MultiversX has collaborated with BullPerks, a decentralized VC and multichain launchpad, to help the MultiversX ecosystem. The project’s mission is to identify pioneering projects with the most robust blockchain architecture and match them with funding opportunities to support its global vision, thereby promoting the adoption and growth of Web3.

BullPerks has successfully supported 65 cross-chain top-tier startups, giving them exposure and connections to early-stage investors. The new strategic partnership will enable MultiversX projects to tap into BullPerks’ huge network of venture capitalists. 

Even though the selection process is rigorous, BullPerks is encouraging MultiversX projects to step forward, as they believe it will be highly beneficial in the long term. Up-and-coming ecosystem projects are being given a chance to launch on BullPerks, receiving direct support from the MultiversX Foundation to fulfill any requirements for evaluation. 

The partnership with BullPerks is seen as a way to enhance the reach of the MultiversX ecosystem, which will further enable collaborations and leverage the partners’ strengths to create more opportunities for the builder community. 

BullPerk has gained recognition for its commitment to a community-first approach, ensuring that diverse participants can affordably and inclusively engage with their services. BullPerks’ adherence to transparency, fairness, and a professional approach has been instrumental in its rapid rise and enduring success in the decentralized finance and venture capital domain. 

Daniel Serb, the Head of Business Development at MultiversX, emphasized the importance of connections, idea exchange, and capital flow in the Web3 space and how the partnership will headway and expedite the adoption of Web3.

As part of a partnership, BullPerks is introducing MultiversX to its large user base, enabling highly engaged multichain enthusiasts to learn more about and get involved in the ecosystem. Eran Elhanani, BullPerks Co-Founder and CEO, expressed his enthusiasm for the strategic association and collaboration with MultiversX, emphasizing his colossal confidence in support of MultiversX’s ecosystem and the potential for successful projects to come out of this partnership. This partnership also highlights BullPerks’ standing as a prominent launchpad in the Web3 industry.

Trevor Holman

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