Bulwark Coin Faces The Storm After Another Crypto Controversy

It seems a tough week for Bulwark Coins development team as the lead developer of the team was accused of misleading the crypto marketers along with the fellow crypto marketing lead Kristen Colwell. The accusation was made by Brian Colwell.

Using the NIST5 hashing algorithm, Bulwark (BWK) is a PoW/PoS coin. Being launched on 2nd December 2017, Bulwark’s total supply currently is 16,938,102 coins. Bulwark has a circulating supply of total 16619,048 coins in the crypto market. Cryptopia, CryptoBridge and Stocks Exchange are some of the cryptocurrency exchanges where you can trade Bulwark (BWK).

Bulwark seems to be facing the storm this week as a screenshot of the internal communication was published on Twitter by lead marketing director Jack. According to the screenshot shared by Jack on Twitter, the marketing team has decided to leave as Bulwark is not capable of paying its employees whereas Bulwark is reserving enough money for the development.

Jack wanted to make it loud and clear that the decision was at a consensus. Although Brian Colwell took Twitter to comment on the whole thing and imply that there is more to it and this not what it seems Colwell went further and leaking an internal memo which was later clarified by the marketing director amid an 86% drop in their $BWK coin.

Bulwark (BWK) traded 0.9% lower against the U.S. dollar amid the twenty-four-hour time frame finishing at 9:00 PM E.T. on February 6th. Jack insisted on Bulwark still being a work in progress project and is indeed not amid an exit scam although Kisten Colwell seemed to be more convinced on the fact that the team gave up on an idea that according to her was something to hang on to and work for.

These kinds of internal drifts and controversies can have a devastating effect on crypto. And that what Bulwark’s coin had to go through this week as it was hit and damaged tremendously. Even though what exactly happened and what is the whole truth behind the friction is still not clear, Bulwark had a tough week.

Crypto community seems to be a bit more sensitive when it comes to controversies and internal drifts like this. And one other example of this was a similar event where a project called the Haven project was rumored to be an exit scam as the developer of the project decided to quit without explaining his decision leading to a tremendous loss.

Roxanne Williams

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