Burgrill partnered with OneRare

Burgrill, which currently is a name to reckon with in terms of their burgers and wraps, is now ready to go the extra mile and are combining their burgers with new-age NFT technology. As an initial part of their plans, they are introducing four popular burgers to OneRare Foodverse in the form of special Dish NFTs, as well as their OG sauce as Ingredient NFT. Burgrill views the advantages of exploiting NFTs and shifting towards the arena of digital collectibles and NFTs for its relishers.

The  association with Foodverse will project Burgrill as a futuristic brand. OneRare on its part, will be incorporating Burgrill’s current and prospective customers within its community of food, as well as blockchain fans. For this, the two entities will be targeting technology inclined customers for further popularity. 

All connected customers will have the option of minting Burgrill’s NFTs in an all-inclusive and interactive gameplay inside the OneRare Foodverse. The owners of NFTs will receive special rewards such as promotions, discounts and distinctive burger recipes and enjoy an exposure to healthy participation. Burgrill’s NFTs will be playing the role of a loyalty program, throwing in rewarding advantages.

According to the Co-Founder of Burgrill, Shreh Madan, he is always engaged in out of the box thinking. Following the sheer success of his burgers and wraps, he has adopted the idea of NFTs and its powers in the digital times.

So far as the Co-Founder of OneRare, Supreet Raju is concerned, he is eager to connect the NFT community with Burgrill and create a unique experience within Foodverse. The association, in his opinion, showcases to the world the futuristic side of their respective companies. 

Burgrill is a brand that is witnessing exponential growth since its inception. Currently, it boasts of having more than 50 outlets, with expansion plans going global.

OneRare on the other hand, is the Food Metaverse, alias, Foodverse in which food is connected with blockchain. It is a complete virtual world for the world’s F&B industry, wherein it is possible to build Dish NFTs globally. One can also play and earn in their gamified universe. 

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