Business School in France Accepts Fees in Bitcoin for Blockchain Courses

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Bitcoin payment is wielding paths in new industry sectors where the agreement of payment can bring new opportunities for both the parties and the masses. Even though the judiciaries of some countries are banning the use of cryptocurrency and practice of ICO, some enterprises are taking right steps in evolving themselves as a member of a digital community.

The latest news of bitcoin payment acceptance comes from France, where the Financia Business School, offering post-graduate courses in blockchain technology and finance, now allows their students to pay off their fees using cryptocurrency.

Just after the implementation of the new interest became public news, more than half a dozen students of the institution have already paid their fees using Bitcoin (BTC) for the academic year 2018. It gives a considerable alternative to the students and allows them to experience the impending digitalization practically.

The college understands that more than a quarter students of Financia Business School are international, and this means that they have to go through detailed processes and complex money transfer costs while using traditional currency. But with the granted permission of using bitcoin, the students can cut back on necessary costs as such, claims the college.

Bitcoin Accepted Here

The business school partnered up with a startup named Coin Capital, which specializes in blockchain technology and digital assets, which made it possible to adopt the bitcoin payment option available for students’ tuition fees. Students will have to transact their bitcoin through Coin Capital if they are willing to pay cryptocurrency for their fees.

One of the international students of the school and an early adopter of cryptocurrency, Adam Hasib expresses his delight at being able to pay his fees in bitcoin, which he bought last year. Moreover, he relishes at being able to register his fees, and get an added value on his digital currency investment, reports Studyrama.

Hasib says, “By June 2017, I had acquired my first bitcoins, which allowed me to pay the registration deposit at school … I just had to contact the administration to get the wallet address before making my deposit.”


The school believes that they are committed to connecting with the budding technologies within the financial sector technologies, and therefore they have brought together a blockchain course curriculum for aspiring and interested students. As a result, they have found a way to complement their blockchain technology courses with administrative innovations such as the granted bitcoin fees acceptance.

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