Bybit Futures Grid Bots goes live & makes smart trade easy

Bybit has made the latest addition to its trading bot offering with Futures Grid Bots. Anyone who looks up to artificial intelligence and believes the technology to be the future for trading is surely in for a treat. Bybit’s Futures Grid Bots allow traders to execute orders 24/7 without manual intervention.

All a trader has to do is set a few parameters for buying and selling, following which the Futures Grid Bots will function on their behalf. The mechanism is based on a “price grid” that consists of orders with increasing or decreasing prices.

The ultimate objective is to buy and sell the product repeatedly without traders getting involved. Basic monitoring is required; however, the fact that the trade is to be executed at the right time is commendable. Traders will only have to set the parameter for buying and selling. For instance, they can choose a level at which they wish to buy a product and at which they wish to sell the product. However, buying occurs when the prices are low with a positive future outlook, while selling is done when the price is at its peak.

It will work both ways, meaning traders can set parameters for selling and purchasing the product. The Futures Grid Bots from Bybit is suitable for new and existing traders whether they categorize themselves as a Day trader or a Position trader. Bybit Futures Grid Bots aims to maximize profits for all the traders while managing risk for them. A list of benefits includes the availability of three modules, 24/7 functioning, suitability for beginners, and amplifying yields with leverage.

Futures Grid Bots follow the positions set by a trader who can sit back with minimal supervision as the bots execute the orders. However, this happens 24/7 with no halts in between. Traders can trade with leverage to amplify their positions while pocketing huge profits. The availability of three modules – long, short, & neutral – is a true gem. However, the Bot chooses to open and close a position based on the module that the trader has selected.

For instance, a trader who has selected a long module will see the bot opening and closing long positions. In the case of a neutral module, the Bot will open or close shorts when the price is above the market level and open or close when the price is below the market level.

Based on how it performs in the market, there could soon be the launch of a crypto trading bot by Bybit that better understands the volatility and trends in the crypto trading sphere.


Trading bots have proved to be useful majorly for new traders. Futures Grid Bots, too, make it easy for new traders to maximize their profits while trying to learn more about Futures trading. Until then, they can have less quantitative trading experience and still engage in Futures trading.

Trevor Holman

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