Bybit to list $TAMA on April 27, 2023

Tamadoge is gaining traction in the market by getting listed on reputed exchange platforms. The recent addition to the list is Bybit, a crypto exchange platform that has operations across 160 countries.

As per the Bybit reviews, it is a crypto derivatives exchange platform that provides a fair and secured futures exchange system. Bybit is empowering the community by opening a channel that enables them to buy cryptocurrency in GBP. It has even released a Three-Step-Process. It begins with placing the order in the preferred currency plus the payment mode on the P2P page. It is followed by reviewing the details and confirming payment when the transaction is with the seller. Conclude the payment method by clicking on Payment Completed and receiving the crypto.

It houses over 10 million users and has more than 3 billion in reserves. These facilities will be passed on to the ecosystem of Tamadoge, which is gearing up to see $TAMA go live for trading on the exchange platform on April 27, 2023.

The development was announced by Tamadoge. The community can expect the venture to drop more pieces of information at the earliest. At the time of drafting this article, it is known that the listing will go live at 8 am UTC on the said date. Tamadoge has enabled the option of buying the token on its official website.

The community has come up with a few mixed reactions. Most of them claim that a listing on Coinbase or Binance would have been better, while others say that $TAMA is in the early stage and every platform will soon be covered.

The development for Bybit follows the announcement wherein it launched the token sale $SUI. It was dedicated to the contributors of Sui Network, enabling them to claim a fair share of the prize pool worth 100,000 USDT.

Users can buy $TAMA and associated non-fungible tokens through its official website. They can alternatively choose to play games by leveraging the native token of the ecosystem. Pets in the virtual act as NFTs that can be minted and set up for a battle by the players. Breeding is another option that players may choose to opt for.

The aim is to push boundaries for Play-to-Earn gaming along with Augmented Reality experiences. Some of the titles that players can explore at Tamadoge are Tamadoge Run, Rocket Doge, To The Moon, Tama Blast, and Super Doge.

A major benefit of spending $TAMA in the ecosystem is that it makes the player eligible to earn more $TAMA in the form of a reward. The native token can be bought on an exchange platform or with a credit card.

Bybit, meanwhile, is advancing faster in terms of listing tokens on the board. It recently enabled deposit and withdrawal of $HNT via $SOL. It is also working in collaboration with brands to ensure that they leverage the potential of mass reach. Nike, for one, is leading the way by offering NFT that has the iconic Nike logo on it.


The status can be checked by navigating to Check Assets. It must be noted that assets take up to ten minutes to appear in the Bybit account.

Bybit and Tamadoge coming together is a great sign of expansion for both, only making their community powerful when it comes to trading digital assets.

Roxanne Williams

Roxanne Williams has recently joined as a market reporter for CryptoNewsZ - the 24/7 crypto news site, where she produces recent stories, technical analysis and price updates on world's leading cryptocurrencies.

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