BytePlus, the premium ByteDance subsidiary, is coming to Sui

BytePlus, the enterprise technology subsidiary of ByteDance, recently announced its release to Sui. The company is prominently known for being the brain behind TikTok US. Long Bi (BytePlus Regional Manager) and Adeniyi Abiodun (Mysten Labs Co-Founder) made the announcement at Sui Connect, Dubai.

According to the announcement, BytePlus will explore content recommendation, data warehousing, augmented reality, and content generation in SocialFi projects and Web3 game platforms. For that reason, the technology subsidiary has joined hands with Mysten Labs.

The collaboration will allow Sui to use ByteHouse, the cloud-based data warehouse, for real-time analysis. In addition, the platform will be able to access Sui’s full node data for elevated performance and accelerated delivery.

At the same time, ByteHouse’s low maintenance, high-performing, real-time analysis and read-write separation will help Mysten Labs instill analytics with infinite scalability. Together, Mysten Labs and BytePlus will explore ways to strengthen Sui’s hackathons, educational programs, and community building. BytePlus’ in-house products, including BytePlus CDN, will also be available to Sui.

The recommended solutions merged with BytePlus CDN will open a network of content distribution channels for quick delivery. The use cases these products open for Sui can increase its exposure to key partners and customers, including game development companies.

As an L1 blockchain, Sui has been designed to make virtual asset ownership quick, safe, accessible, and private to everyone. The network recently joined hands with Artfi, the popular blockchain-powered artwork collection platform.

The Sui community has acclaimed both partnerships, seeing the potential they have in their pack. The collaborations can help Sui elevate its market status while getting closer to its goal of simplifying digital asset ownership.

Trevor Holman

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