Updated Version Of Cake Wallet Launched With Updated Features For Monero (XMR)

Cake technologies LLP has announced on 14th May Wednesday through a Tweet about the launch of an updated version of cake wallet. The wallet is ready to use and can be downloaded as it is live from yesterday. The company has implemented some significant changes and has given a fresh new look to the cake wallet. Now the wallet is powered to do sub address management and accounts in a better way. The wallet is also added with a third exchange @ChangeNOW_io.

The cake wallet is a dedicated wallet for Monero that allows its user to send, accept, and exchange XMR/ Monero safely. The wallet allows blockchain transaction without the need of running the full node as it an open source IOS wallet. Creating a Cake Wallet is simple as one has to transfer it to the mobile and pen the mnemonic seed. The company has incorporated face recognition and fingerprint technology to keep the wallet safe.  The wallet has incorporated exchanges for BTC, XMR, ETH, LTC, BCH, and DASH.

The user of Monero had a difficult time for storing them on their mobile as wallets for ios devices were non-existent at that time. With the advancement of time cake wallet was launched, since then Monero is blossoming.

The developers of Monero wallet had declared the entry of Cake wallet on their authorized website on 24th April 2018. They have approved it as an iOS wallet. The chief inventor of Cake wallet “Pinkphloid” on getting registered on getmonero.org has said it is a milestone achieved for them. Reportedly Cake is the single iOS wallet registered by Monero.

Initially, the wallet code was kept closed, but from February last year, the development team has made it open source. Thus, it has earned trust from the Monero community.

Cake wallet has also encouraged the adoption of Monero as the people can download the wallet on their mobile phones. The lead developer has also told they want Cake to be a primary wallet for Monero.

The characteristics that make Cake an outstanding wallet is its inbuilt exchange function. Cake wallet had also undergone partnership with Morph Token in March last year.

It is needless to say Monero is rated as the best privacy coin, as the transactions made are kept anonymous by default. So, choosing the right wallet becomes quintessential, and none other than Cake fits the criteria best.

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