Is now a good time to buy BNB? Can a new meme coin provide diversity for customers?

As DigiToads tries to disrupt the crowded space of meme coins, questions still linger on the viability of new ones entering the market. The impressive run of DigiToads presale gives a satisfactory preview of the potential of meme coins. TOADS, the native token of DigiToads, has already hit over 100X and is looking for major disruptions in the market. Analysts view it as the next 1000X coin. 

Introducing DigiToads

Already at over $4.8 million in presale, DigiToads continues to disrupt the meme coin market early on. It has comfortably run most of its presale stages with impressive results. The coin aims to outpace the bigwigs in the meme coin market and is betting on its utility to make this dream a reality.

Play-to-earn and NFT staking stand as the cornerstone of DigiToad’s future, which, so far, is receiving a lot of positive sentiments from the markets. Play-to-earn runs in a virtual space called the swamp arena, a web3 application. The swamp has various interaction rooms, gaming being a center stage for nurturing TOAD NFTs. Once the TOADS mature, owners can use them for battle or exchange them via a secure blockchain network for profit.

The interconnected ecosystem of TOADS ensures that every activity falls back to the prize pools, which provide early opportunities for massive prizes. Each stage of the presale already promises rewards, increasing the stake of DigiToads investors by some points. Each TOAD becomes more valuable and a significant revenue earner to the investor as the project grows. 

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The TOADS ecosystem is geared towards growth, especially for the native token. Each token becomes more valuable as the Token burn feature sparks to life. The feature works by burning some TOAD supply gradually, creating a scarcity that immediately raises the value of TOADS, even those in the hands of investors.

DigiToads runs on a sustainable ecosystem. The developers are keen to push the project far into the future. The treasury is at the forefront of the vision by maintaining a prize pool for the communities all over the internet. Beyond gifting those participating in the presale, the prizes work as an interaction tool for those in DigiToad’s social media. 

Ultimately, various taxes from activities in the ecosystem will extend beyond the interest of the project and into the environment. A part of the profit will go into a charity kitty for organizations involved in climate change courses. DigiToads is here to stay and is a strong asset for diversifying a crypto portfolio.

Though new in the crypto space DigiToads is proving many doubters wrong, judging from its impressive early run. Early positive signs of DigiToads show that new meme coins have potential. Adding up to this potential is the real-world use case and the exciting prizes for grabs.

Is now the time to buy BNB? 

BNB is showing Bullish sentiments currently, which stand at 60 points. The price will hit about $260 at the start of the third week of June, representing a 12% increase. While short-term predictions highlight gains of up to 12%, the coin has had minimum setbacks at the beginning of June, heading into week two. 

So far this month, it has shed about 10%. The trend is bearish and a perfect entry point to take a position, anticipating the bull run.

BNB ranks #4 in the wildly changing crypto market and holds a market capitalization of about $38 billion. Currently, it sells at about $240 per unit, poised to hit a maximum of about $445 after the crypto winter. On average, the lowest expected price of the crypto might be $296.95, and on average, it will be about $437.19.

Final note

Coming up against heavy competition from the meme coin market, DigiToads is proving doubters wrong. It has continued to set historical records in its presale that is slowly but surely rising. The coin highlights that new meme coins have potential and are worthwhile assets for a crypto portfolio.

For more information on DigiToads, visit the website, join the presale, or join the community for regular updates.

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