Can ADA reign supreme? Comparing Cardano, Polkadot, Kasuma

Everybody loves higher returns! While serious investors focus more on fundamentals.

Over the past three months, Cardano (ADA) has shown a positive upward trend, bouncing back from lower levels and providing decent returns. Polkadot (DOT) has experienced sideways movement, while Kasuma (KSM) has performed very poorly with huge price falls.

However, in terms of use cases, Cardano is far better than other altcoins. Cardano provides a secure and scalable platform for developing decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts, while Polkadot provides interoperability between blockchains.

Which is the best cryptocurrency among Cardano, Polkadot, and Kasuma? Should you consider investing in all of them? Or Should you choose none of them? Continue reading this blog before investing in these coins. 

Cardano Price Returns: Should You Invest in ADA?

Over the past three months, Cardano has shown a pattern of higher highs and lower lows, indicating a mixed trend. Starting from a low of $0.3 in March, it climbed to a high of $0.45, which is quite impressive!

Now, technical indicators are showing a bearish signal. However, Cardano (ADA) has managed to bounce back from lower levels, indicating resilience and strength, providing decent returns in the last three months.

It presents a potential opportunity for investors. While the technical indicators suggest caution, the recent recovery from lower levels could be seen as a positive sign. It shows that Cardano has the potential to withstand market pressures and regain momentum.

When evaluating an investment, you should also consider the project’s fundamentals. Cardano is known for its focus on security and scalability. With ongoing developments and upgrades in the pipeline, Cardano has the potential for further growth and adoption in the future. Its strong ecosystem and commitment to research-driven solutions set it apart from other cryptocurrencies.

Polkadot Price Returns: Should You Consider DOT?

During the last three months, the price movement of DOT has mostly been sideways, indicating a lack of significant upward. The price range has fluctuated between a low of $5.2 and a high of $7.7. Currently, the price of Polkadot is around $5.36.

Moreover, most technical indicators are currently bearish, suggesting a correction in the price action. If the price continues to trade in the downward direction, the next support could be around $4.

Kasuma Price Returns: Should You Invest in KSM?

KSM experienced a volatile price move in the last three months, starting from a high of $41.66 and falling to $25.6. This price fall has resulted in more than 35% losses in the last three months.

From mid-February to mid-March, the market sentiment for KSM was highly bearish, as the price showed a downward trend. Later, till mid-April, the price started trading sideways, indicating a mixed trend in the KSM market.

Currently, it is trading around $25.6, which is significantly lower than the recent high. Moreover, technical indicators are bearish. 

Cardano v/s Polakadot v/s Kasuma: Which Altcoin is the Best?

In terms of return in the last three months (March-May, 2023), Cardano had a price move from $0.3 to $0.44, resulting in a potential return of around 40%. For Polkadot, the price action ranged from $7.66 to $5.3, which implies a loss of around 30%. Kasuma, on the other hand, was most volatile and bearish in the last three months.

However, Cardano and Polkadot are more established projects with larger market capitalizations and robust development teams. Kasuma is less known and may carry higher risks due to its relative obscurity. You should consider all the technical and fundamental factors before investing in cryptocurrencies. 



After considering all the technical price actions and fundamental use cases, we think Cardano is the winner, with decent returns and potential growth in the space.

You can check out our Cardano price prediction to learn more about it. However, conduct your independent research, and consider your risk appetite before making any investment-related decisions.

Trevor Holman

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