Can Apple’s latest $3,499 headset change the Metaverse forever?

Apple recently ended the wait for its much-anticipated VR headset, Vision Pro. The $3,499 augmented reality headset was unveiled at the WWDC 2023 on Monday.

As many had expected, the Vision Pro is expected to thrive on its social status factor rather than real-world use cases. Despite the massive rage surrounding the VR headset, Apple has not done anything to compete with Meta to establish a new virtual world.

For example, the Vision Pro does not have any controller and relies on eye tracking, voice controls, and hand gestures to function. Similarly, while the headset can combine AR and VR functionalities, it was only shown in the AR setting. 

A quick overview of the launch program showed what Apple is trying to achieve with the headset. The tech giant announced a collaboration with Disney to offer 3D and immersive video experiences. Moreover, the Vision Pro was shown to be a luxury product that was not aimed at gamers at all.

The headset will support 100+ Apple Arcade games that make up 50% of its iOS lineup. From what was showcased during the event, it seems that the initial focus for the headset is around developers migrating games played on 2D screens to a 3D environment.

Even then, Apple has justified the massive $3,499 price tag with technological advances. Its AR experience looks wildly richer than most headsets, offering an approachable, alluring, and polished look.

It is evident that developers will utilize the tech to propose immersive and interactive gaming experiences in the coming years. That is why Apple is allowing the visionOS to support the Unity engine. It will allow developers to port their games or even start new ones while using familiar tools. 

However, despite the features, gamers could not help but notice a lack of focus on gaming by Apple. The company looks in no mood to primarily market the device to gamers that seems reasonable, seeing its exorbitant price. While the gaming move made sense, seeing Apple not engaging with the Metaverse and Web3 was questionable. Both domains have been picking pace across the globe, so most people expected Vision Pro to explore them. However, the latest announcement has dampened the enthusiasm of several communities while only catering to a selective consumer base. 

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