Can Crypto FIREPIN Tokens (FRPN) and Stellar Tokens (XLM) Become Twice the Value Next Week?

As new cryptocurrencies rise, it is challenging to understand where to invest next. FIREPIN (FRPN) and Stellar (XLM) tokens are on their way to becoming the next grand crypto craze. These cryptocurrencies may witness significant increases in their prices in 2022. 

Before investing in these digital currencies, one must consider the differences in their nature and how rewarding they are in terms of dollars. The FIREPIN (FRPN) tokens presale recently began, offering investors a superb opportunity to engage at the earliest and receive the most exciting rewards. Investment in digital currencies is the latest means of accumulating wealth. Traders who invested their money in Shiba Inu (SHIB) and File Coin (FIL) have seen their wealth expand. The main objective of the FRPN token is to develop a community-driven DAO (decentralized autonomous organization), well connected with the Metaverse. 

FIREPIN offers FRPN holders a voice in various decision-making activities in the corporation, and the ultimate goal lies in the creation of a staking platform that will function as a digital reserve currency for future activities related to Metaverses. The token uses a treasury with the capability of running multi-chain transfers.

The FRPN token is a digital currency that guarantees easy facilitation of cross-chain crypto transactions, according to the whitepaper. Binance (BNB), Solana (SOL), Polygon (MATIC), Ethereum (ETH), and Avalanche (AVAX) are blockchain ecosystems that serve to give the FRPN token a competitive edge over various other digital currencies.

Cryptocurrencies in the digital world are gaining exponential traction and attracting attention from investors and traders around the world. According to the trend seen in the case of Shiba Inu and File Coin, it can be said that early investments might bring greater returns in the future for any kind of investment. Although the FRPN token presale began about a week ago, those who invested early have already experienced their investments tripling. 

The primary objective of the Stellar (XLM) tokens lies in streamlining the trades and investments of crypto assets. Compared to other digital currencies, Stellar is used as a common medium of exchange. Hypothetically speaking, let’s assume that an investor has a native fiat currency of USD and wants to make a payment in Euros. Previously, this conversion would have involved a wire transfer which is not only time-consuming but also very expensive. On the other hand, the use of Stellar tokens allows this transaction/conversion to be processed at lightning speed and at a substantially lower cost. 

Stellar tokens process these transactions by taking USD, converting them quickly to Euros, and sending the fund to the recipient. The major difference is that Stellar does all this in a fraction of a second compared to a wire transfer.

While this is an important advantage of using Stellar (XLM) tokens, it is only one of the many potential use cases of Stellar. In addition to this, anyone can freely use Stellar coins to create their currency which may be used in generating a token that represents a fiat currency, cryptocurrency, gift cards, loyalty points, or actual commodities. 

However, there is a drawback of Ethereum smart contracts, and that is they can sometimes result in poor performance and make the entire network come to a halt. During the execution of programs, it can sequentially slow down the network as well as boost its cost. That being the case, traditional transaction systems are not supported by Ethereum anymore. Note that Ethereum’s weaknesses are Steller’s strengths. 

The main goal of Stellar is to accelerate financial transactions and to achieve this, and it is efficiently designed to be easy to use and quick. Even when additional features such as AMM (automated market maker) are added to the XLM token, they are created to be as transparent and simple as possible.

What makes FRPN and XLM tokens inherently volatile is the very nature of these cryptocurrencies that have a greater potential for price gains than other regular shares. Since Stellar was created before FIREPIN, it has a greater chance of thriving in a down market. Nevertheless, because of a lower market capitalization, FIREPIN can still expect some substantial positive fluctuations in its prices. For instance, the value has already increased by about 350% ever since its inception a week ago, growing roughly from $0.00007 to $0.00031. If this pre-sale continues with such a similar trend in the following weeks, and more investments are made early, the returns may go as high as ten times in the future. 

In reality, Stellar is significantly more established and well-known than FIREPIN, which has only recently begun its journey. Investors who enter a higher potential early on will always be more advantageous for them. Always be cautious with your investments and carry out careful research before making investment decisions.

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