Can Filecoin (FIL), Neo (NEO), and Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) become market leading coins?

After a volatile year for the cryptocurrency markets, many investor groups are assessing which projects could emerge as those that can lead the market forward. 

Some older projects like Filecoin and Neo are in the mix. Still, there is a particular sense of excitement around a new project called Orbeon Protocol, which is just entering the second stage of its presale with 60x returns forecasted.

Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)

It’s not very often that investors get the chance to be part of a startup that truly disrupts a sector; however, that’s exactly the status that Orbeon Protocol is taking across the venture capital space. Orbeon Protocol’s technology provides a means for startups to run campaigns that are open to everyday investors for as low as $1 — enabling much more efficient fundraising while generating passionate communities around projects at the same time.

This exciting new approach to investing is achieved using Orbeon Exchange, a launchpad that issues fractionalized, equity-backed NFTs as the investment vehicle for the platform. Funding rounds also feature a “Fill or Kill” mechanism built into their smart contracts to ensure investor protection. Should a project fail to meet its goals, investors are immediately refunded. 


Orbeon Exchange is complemented by Orbeon Wallet, allowing for secure storage of investors’ NFTs alongside Orbeon Swap, allowing the trading of the NFTs on a secondary market, providing investors which an additional source of liquidity.

The entire Orbeon ecosystem is powered by ORBN — the utility token used for many purposes. ORBN provides exclusive access to investor groups and trading discounts, as well as voting rights to help shape the future of the platform. 40% of the ORBN supply is expected to be made available for the public presale. Passive holders also get the opportunity to stake their tokens and earn a tidy revenue stream in the process.

Filecoin (FIL)

Filecoin continues to retain its crown as the de facto storage layer for web3. With slow but steady growth in usage, the Filecoin community believes it’s a long-term winner. Still, the question for potential investors is whether enough use cases benefit from decentralized storage to justify the support of Filecoin.

With entrenched cloud providers currently dominating the storage market, it remains to be seen whether Filecoin can seize a significant market share. Realistic investors will probably conclude that even if Filecoin can achieve this, it’s likely to take a decade or more. However, if Filecoin can make some kind of breakthrough soon, the returns are much more likely to be massive.

Neo (NEO)

Neo has been long considered to be ‘the Chinese Ethereum,’ and while there is an active development community across the project, it’s hard to judge whether Neo has what it takes to lead the market.

There’s no doubt that the Neo team has made much progress. Still, as a relatively centralized public chain, it’s hard to see Neo taking much of Ethereum’s market share — especially in a market like China which strongly prefers private permission chains.


While Filecoin and Neo are both interesting projects in their own right, Orbeon Protocol is clearly the investment with the highest potential and, in turn, likely to become the next big market leader in short order. This also seems to be the opinion of a number of different industry experts, with various forecasts predicting that the value of ORBN is likely to rise 6,000% during the presale.

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