Can more Solana news drive price higher, or will BSC DeFi narrative takeover?

Solana news on developments and announcements helped the SOL price recover from its death knell in the past. Meanwhile, the momentum rallied by DeFi on Binance Smart Chain projects is so intense that it’s taking over the crypto market. New projects like Octoblock, with hot presales and comprehensively packaged DeFi solutions, are key igniters.

Solana news

Solana has overperformed in the last ten months, with SOL price executing a 10X after the FTX saga brought it to its knees. Solana’s resilience, boosted by upgrades and strategic partnerships, rallied its price to recover from lows of $9. 

However, SOL’s network congestion causes transaction and staking difficulties. Solana faces challenges, including criticism for frequent outages due to its focus on speed. As congestion bites, Solana news is rife that the Solana price dropped by 6% to $175, dragging down some other tokens on its network. Wormhole (W) was down 17%, and Jupiter (JUP) dropped by 13%.

Octoblock: Leading DeFi on Binance Smart Chain

Octoblock (OCTO) is set to lead the deFi revolution on the Binance Smart Chain with its rich offer of core products and expansive services blending Game Fi and DeFi. Octoblock is a platform with profit and philanthropic pursuits that benefit investors on its platform. The investor welfare in the Octoblock protocol is taken care of by a Crowd Funded Yield Farming (cFyF) system that fronts collaborative investment returns. cFyF inculcates inclusivity and governance for maximum profit potential. As such it encourages investors to pool resources and collectively chart how the governance of their investments should run.

Octoblock ensures sustainable profits and enriched user portfolios through the Nautilus Trove. The Trove maintains liquidity through various strategies, including Beefy Finance solutions. The Trove is tasked with ICO staking, yield farming, and other investments. ICO staking returns high APY yields, with a Total Locked Value currently clocking $22,804. The profits are distributed to wallet addresses, while 5% goes to charity and the rest reinvested.

The philanthropic arm of the platform is catered by The Tentacle Trust, which seeks partnerships and funds oceanic welfare projects. A partnership with Tesla guarantees one random lucky winner gets a Tesla 2024 EV.

Octoblock’s hot ICO

The OCTO token holders can find fast and easy navigation to explore other networks in Coral Cove DEX. The cross-chain initiative features a simple interface online portal for transfers and bridging several supported cryptocurrencies.

Octoblock is running an ICO to onboard investors. It is currently selling phase three at $0.037, with a 13% bonus. The ICO perks are plentiful, as holders can participate in the monthly Saltwater Sweepstake Fund, ICO staking with a high APY, currently at 185.5%, and several benefits to follow. Octoblock’s rich features and perks make it the master of mass adoption.

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