Can Seesaw Protocol Get Same Success Like Tezos After Huge Presale?

Presales are the earliest and, therefore, one of the best times to invest in a new cryptocurrency. It has been proven time and time again that early investments can yield massive rewards. Shiba Inu (SHIB) is the shining light in this instance. The meme coin increased by 74,000,000% during its 2021 peak, and a $10 purchase in January 2021 would currently be worth more than $2 million. 

Tezos (XTZ) is a top 50 cryptocurrency and held its presale in June of 2017. The initial coin offering (ICO) lasted for two weeks and raised a record $232 million. The launch price of Tezos was $0.47, meaning 490495934 tokens were sold during the ICO. Another presale with all the hallmarks of setting records is Seesaw Protocol (SSW).

Tezos (XTZ) and Manchester United 

Tezos is a proof of stake blockchain network that provides peer-to-peer transactions. It uses XTZ to deploy smart contracts through its decentralized platform. Tezos has been touted as a competitor to Ethereum (ETH) due to its facilitating decentralized applications (DApps). However, it has suffered several setbacks and adversity since its 2017 ICO. 

The year 2022 started badly for Tezos, as well as most cryptocurrencies. In the last week, however, XTZ has started to recover. Since the end of January, XTZ has increased by around 37% to its current $4.30. To top it off, Tezos has announced that it will be a new sponsor of Manchester United. 

Manchester United is one of the giant football (soccer) clubs, sports teams, and brands globally. For Tezos (XTZ), a partnership with a world-renowned institution like Manchester United is a clear stamp of legitimacy and a signal for the direction in which Tezos is heading. The partnership is allegedly worth around £20m a year, and Tezos will appear on the Manchester United training kit. 

Chief Executive of partnerships at MUFC, Victoria Timpson, said: “We are especially pleased to be partnering with one of the most eco-friendly blockchains, using technology that is energy-efficient, limits carbon emissions and lowers costs, consistent with the club’s wider efforts to promote environmental sustainability.”

Christano Ronaldo Sporting a Tezos MUFC Training Shirt
Christano Ronaldo Sporting a Tezos MUFC Training Shirt

Seesaw Protocol (SSW) Presale Up Over 700% 

Seesaw Protocol’s (SSW) presale is now over two weeks in. In this short period, SSW has risen by a huge 700%. There are still 8 weeks remaining, and considering that SSW is yet to launch officially, the price can only go in one direction: up. In investment, and crypto specifically, everyone is hunting for a project with guaranteed and sustained growth. Crypto presales, such as Seesaw Protocol’s (SSW), offer this unique opportunity and could go some way to explaining the record set by Tezos, as well as the $250m raised by Filecoin (FIL) and the fastest-selling presale EverGrow Coin (EGC). 

As far as Seesaw Protocol goes, the potential of its extended presale comes alongside the real-world utility of SSW. It will provide a multi-chain bridge from the Binance Smart Chain to the Polygon and Ethereum networks. This allows users to navigate the often congested and expensive networks and find the fastest speeds for their transactions. SSW also has ambitions in the Metaverse, and according to its presale page, Seesaw Protocol will “harness the benefits of the Metaverse for the masses.”

Enter presale: 





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