Candao Launches Its First Decentralized Social Network DAO

Technology is practically charging the future of the world that we know of, along with the universe we are yet to come across. And while any form of nascent revelations in the tech sector has steadily taken its root deep into separate factions in the various industries, blockchain technology attained a parabolic queue of seeping deep within the inflicted vice of the centrally governed institutions. 

The crypto community has grown way beyond expectations, paving a way open for true decentralization with exceptional innovators and leaders guiding the landscape into paramount success. Offering an unbiased value to participation, DAO is one such happy by-product of the decentralized sector that allows value distribution in the network with no central body breaching its integrity. Channeling from the same facets, Candao is one of a kind decentralized social media ecosystem that is driving with an extraordinary stance towards transforming interdependence and associative profit-sharing with its blockchain-based network.

Candao To Launch Decentralized Social Network DAOCandao: Transforming Connectivity Among Professionals

As blockchain stepped forward to offer its revolutionary pros to ultimately create decentralized alternatives to some of the leading sectors around the globe, interoperability and scalability hopped up to be some of the most significant challenges that inflicted the crypto sector. Effectively combating the issues, Candao offers exceptional connectivity among professionals participating in the budding epiphany of the crypto metaverse. 

DAOs (Decentralised Autonomous Organizations) taking over in the blockchain landscape have lent an exceptional hand in cultivating awareness around the growing adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies across countless enterprises and individuals. Backing the same vision, Candao is leading its network with a proposal that values and centers around matching users with assets, projects, and, most importantly, other people. Beyond the value proposition, Candao is designed to act as a platform for uniting individual participants and businesses that share the same social and professional goals and allow them to further grow in values and engagement together. 

A Power Pack Of Decentralized Apps

Candao is curated to constitute a wide range of solutions and tools that make up for seven exemplary solutions/dapps that are backed by blockchain technology and help retain the vision and concept that solidify the Candao network. Adhering to the needs of the users, Candao offers platforms- CandyGroup, Matchify, CandID, Candypad, Meta-scan, Candychain, BonBon (BB). Starting from its Matchify Dapp, the platform offers recommendations to the users based on their activity on the platform such that users looking for investment opportunities will be easily able to find legitimate offers. 

Next up, Candypad offers seamless access to an advanced, scalable, allocation-free social launchpad that allows its users to vote if they want their funds to be released during an ICO or IDO on the basis of predetermined (key performance indicators) KPIs. The rest of the dapps mentioned above are Candao strategic design of its network that ultimately guides the network to become the ultimate decentralized social media ecosystem. 

Operating on a proof-stake built, Candao offers its users the capability to hold its CDO native token to gain stake in the DAO that further defines the users stake in the community itself based on the amount of CDO that are holding. Furthermore, the native token can be used in several activities such as allocating awards to projects or individuals, mining and liquidity farming, fueling on-chain data, etc. All set and ready to reveal its social launchpads in the Q4 of 2021, Candao has already gone live with both its private and public sales. With the potential of transforming the digital social metaverse, Candao has set an extensive journey for the project to make its mark across the crypto landscape.

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