Capx to join the Manta Pacific ecosystem

Manta Network has announced that Capx will soon join the ecosystem of Manta Pacific, further shedding light on releasing a prize pool for select activities. Manta Network will now support the incentive layer of the internet.

Capx is an ideal candidate for development because it can bridge the gap between two different segments, namely crypto projects and community building. Projects coming up on the list are more likely to be in their early stages, as the announcement clarifies that the support is for emerging crypto projects. Furthermore, this is all supported by Capx’s capability to utilize the IOU token model.

It is defined as a zk Rollup built on Polygon CDK to secure users’ sensitive data via FHE, an acronym for Fully Homomorphic Encryption. This is the same mechanism that boosts the fair distribution of tokens and incentivization.

At a time when the community is excited to witness this revolution, members have been served with another remarkable offering: a reward pool of 100,000 xCAPX tokens. Manta Network will exclusively facilitate the distribution of DeFi and entertainment activities at MantaFest.

The partnership between Capx and Manta Network is specifically for Manta Fest. Community members and the Polygon CDK Ecosystem will surely benefit from this, which will have a robust and interconnected stage.

Those who participate in Wave 1 (DeFi & GameFi) will receive tokens from the prize pool. Their actual share of the pool will be determined in accordance with the amount and value of their contributions. The 100,000 xCAPX reward pool for Manta Fest is merely the start; additional activities with greater payouts are in the works.

Having said that, it is important to note that the current reward pool is sufficient for a larger scope of earning. This means what comes in the future could surpass these expectations and reward the participants more.

A share of the prize pool can be earned by completing quests that are listed on the official website. Each quest comes with a different size of the reward pool. For instance, Relative Onboarding Quest has a 150k reward pool, while Create a Wager has a 200k reward pool. Users can track more quests on Manta by signing up on the platform.

The current partnership with Manta Pacific follows the announcement that DropX is now in Manta Pacific. The integration introduces a distribution tool to the ecosystem for projects and individuals, allowing their users to connect and redeem tokens without incurring a lot of burden and costs. Manta Pacific has also partnered with OmniBTC to run a few campaigns together. Support from OmniBTC instills a sense of confidence in the minds of the members of the Manta ecosystem.

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