Cardalonia Updates on Token Sale and Reward for Staking $LONIA

Cardalonia has extended the duration of the Seed Round by 48 hours while sharing the update that the second round would begin immediately after the Seed Round ends. It is considered the factor of community members putting in a lot of requests to extend the timeline.

Additionally, Cardalonia wanted to give a wider margin to early adopters to get their hands on the token at the best price. ADA’s volatility and the crypto market’s fluctuation also played an equal role in getting the extension approved. $LONIA is at the best price for traders looking to extend their portfolios.

The second round comes with a 5% increase in the price and a 50% reduction in the minimum contribution required by traders. It will begin immediately after the Seed Round ends. Some more details about the second round are as follows:

Start Time: May 23, 2022

Minimum Contribution Amount: 250 ADA

Value of 1 ADA: 13 $LONIA

Duration Of Sale: 6 Epochs

In other words, the current minimum contribution amount required stands at 500 ADA, and it will go down to 250 ADA in the second round.

Users who have already staked their holdings will stand a chance to earn free land NFTs. Cardalonia is working to bring in a leaderboard that will show the ranking of each address based on the tokens held by them. The top 10 holders of LONIA will have the opportunity to earn free land NFTs. The only criterion is that the owners will have to stake for a minimum of 2 snapshots.

Players have grown to like Cardalonia, and it allows them to build and customize their experiences on the Cardano Blockchain. Cardalonia is on a mission to create a new Metaverse experience on the Cardano Blockchain. A total of 100,000,000 tokens are in circulation on Cardano Blockchain.

Cardalonia was founded by Alice Sand, the Chief Executive Officer. Alice Sand is backed by a strong team comprising Vasil Air as the Chief Technical Officer and Dunstan Water as a Fullstack Developer.

The management team has Hannatu Shallangwa as the Project Manager and Danney Velazquez as the Project Manager. Cardalonia is completely decentralized, and its ecosystem assists in developing a 3D decentralized gaming metaverse.

The team has lined up its plans for the future. In the third quarter of 2022, Cardalonia plans to complete its listing on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko while partnering with Cardano NFT projects.

Cardalonia will open up the presale session of its exclusive land plots to traders who already hold $LONIA. The community can expect the team to implement some of the key features of Cardalonia in the third quarter of 2022.

The $LONIA landholders will have an airdrop of the Avatar clan in the fourth quarter of 2022 as it kicks off the public minting of Cardalonia land. Cardalonia marketplace development will begin before the quarter ends.

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