Cardano & Calyx Token: Two Coins That are Shaking Up the Crypto Space Right Now!

Many Web3 Projects are launched every day, but not all of them go on to make an impact, and very few of them ever become big enough to make the news. 

Few receive enough funding to scale their projects to the next level. We understand that resources are finite, and it’s just how the thing goes. That’s why projects that not only get funded but receive tons of publicity become extra special; because they’ve been able to stand out of the crowd pretty well.

Two coins are doing that right now; Cardano (ADA) and Calyx Token (CLX). These coins have been making waves recently, mainly because of their utility and Unique selling point.c

Cardano (ADA) 

Cardano (ADA) has been in the news for much longer than Calyx Token (CLX). It made enormous fortunes for several people in 2021 when it saw an all-time high of $3.10, although it became available for trading in 2017. 

That’s why some experts have predicted 2022 to be the year of Cardano (ADA). Cardano’s (ADA) Blockchain is innovative, with its main attraction being its Ouroboros Proof of Stake System instead of the proof of Work system currently being used by Ethereum (ETH).

Cardano (ADA) is focused on sustainability and environmental protection. It also has way cheaper transaction fees on its Blockchain, making it easier to implement smart contracts on its network.

The price will always be a key determinant for many people, and when you add its scalability and overall performance, it’s no wonder it has been dubbed the “Ethereum Killer”.  

Cardano (ADA)

Well, that’s no surprise, as the founder of Cardano was the co-founder of Ethereum (ETH) before he left in 2017. It’s expected that what he’d build would improve Ethereum’s structure. 

Many projects are being run on Cardano (ADA), including Ardana (DANA), Empower (MP), and Sundaes Wap (SUNDAE). It would help if you watched out for these projects.

Calyx Token (CLX)

Calyx Token (CLX) has become popular because of its platform that allows for the easy trading of tokens across different Blockchains. It has recently launched its Presale with three words as its Mantra; Security, Transparency, and Decentralization. 

With its anticipated Calyx Swap Service, it’s hoping to take the Crypto World by storm and revolutionize the way we trade. Trading platforms are usually slow and very costly. The Calyx (CLX) Team is looking to change everything by allowing traders to get their tokens immediately and at the best rates possible across different Blockchains. 

Calyx Token (CLX)

It currently supports Ethereum Blockchain but will be adding more Blockchain networks to its catalog shortly. Another reason that endears Calyx Swap to the public is permissionless. 

Thus you do not even need to register before being able to swap your coins or tokens. It promises maximum security for its users, significant factor users consider when choosing Crypto Exchange platforms.


With all these reasons listed above, you can understand why people are very excited about Cardano (ADA) and Calyx Token (CLX). If you’re currently looking for coins to invest in, you should try out one of these two. Calyx Token (CLX) is still in Pre-sale, so you can even earn more when it fully launches and increases value. And yes, it will increase in value.

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